BigSIS Features (aka 'modules')

Learn more about our flexible modular system

The features are components of functionality that can extend your BigSIS installation. You decide what you need and add more as you grow.

Integrated Email

Our Integrated Email system allows you to select any segment of people in your database (e.g., grandparents, alumni, parents of current 2nd graders, etc.) and send them all an email simultaneously. We’re not talking about a group email, but rather something far more powerful because each individual you email will receive a personalized email just for them. So if you are emailing parents of students in a certain course, for example, you can use what we call data markers that are replaced with the individual’s data (e.g., the parent’s name, the student’s name and current grade, the course, etc.) when the email is sent.

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For: Development, Teachers, Registrar, Admin


The DocumentCenter allows you to upload unlimited documents in any format (PDF, JPEG, MS Word, etc.), for parents or other users to download and view. It will also be where reports, such as transcripts and the student reports, are output in PDF format that are then automatically shared with the parents of the students (at your discretion) via the portal.

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For: Development, Admissions, Teachers, Registrar, Admin

Donations & Fundraising

The Donations & Fundraising module is a development tool that allows you to track your gifts and pledges and their associated campaigns, funds and appeals. And because the majority of people who donate or are potential donors (parents, grandparents, alumni, etc.) will already be in BigSIS, it’s the perfect place to track your current donations and solicit new ones!

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For: Development, Parents, Admin

Mail Merge

The new Mail Merge functionality gives you an MS Word-style editor right in your browser. With a large array of merge fields, you can customize your mail merge documents with data from BigSIS, such as names, addresses, amounts, and much more.

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For: Development, Admissions, Registrar, Admin

All Contacts and Common Features

The All Contacts & Common Features module is the core of BigSIS. One of its primary roles is to be the system that handles all your people information.

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For: Development, Registrar, Admin