Switching to BigSIS is efficient and easy

Reach out to us by Scheduling a Demo and we can begin the process of easing your Student Information System troubles. No matter your current system (or lack thereof), we make it easy to migrate your data to our system, and get you up and running with a customizable, lean, modular system you're going to love!

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What are you using now?

Switching from other systems is easy!


Make the move to the cloud with BigSIS! You’ll love the singular data model, flexible tuition management and modern parent portal and your staff will appreciate the easy-to-use interface. Your historical data can be seamlessly and securely transferred from inResonance to BigSIS by our staff knowledgeable on both solutions allowing your team to stay focused on their work. Plus, you’ll get to continue to work with the experts who deeply know and care about your school and systems.

Senior Systems

Modernize your staff and family experience by making the move to BigSIS! As a Community Brands customer, you don’t have to start at square one with a new solution. We’ll do the work to get your school’s information moved over to BigSIS so your team can focus on their work and not data conversions. Our experts you’ve worked with for years are available to ensure you have a smooth transition.


FACTS and Renweb are now one company. RenWeb Student Information System is now FACTS SIS. We can migrate your data from either system into BigSIS.


Bring your data together from Raiser's Edge and Education Edge into one seamless database! No more syncing between the two! Add a student’s grandparent and give them a donor profile with only a few clicks!


Access your database from anywhere! Get your data online so that you can access the information from work, home, or on the go! Relate your contacts easily with our intuitive interface!

Homegrown custom solution

Isn't it time to put all of your data together in one place? No matter how many sheets and files you may have, we’ll get it all linked together. Get it uniform and learn to use our powerful tools to really make the most of your data!

Snowman Dayschool

Expand your possibilities with inquiry and lead modules! Improve performance and ease of use while providing yourself with a vast array of options! Keep a long, historied record of all of your students’ previous enrollments!

Achieve SMS

Consolidate your data, get it consistent, and make your life so much easier by switching to BigSIS! Manage households easier than you ever thought possible!