All Contacts and Common Features

The All Contacts & Common Features module is the core of BigSIS. One of its primary roles is to be the system that handles all your people information.

In BigSIS, people in your community are a person first, and their other roles such as student, parent, grandparent, alumnus, or even donor are just expansions of the person. Rather than force you to enter the same data (e.g., first and last names, address, etc) once to create a student record, then again to create an alumnus record for that student, then a third time to collect a donation from the same person as many other systems (especially when they are not integrated), BigSIS allows you to enter it once and use that same information for all roles and contexts.This module gives you the luxury of storing unlimited people along with as many addresses, phone numbers and email addresses per person as you like. You may also relate any two people together in any way and build up families via relationships and also via shared “households.” Then, easily pull the lists you want and send email or create mailing labels with a click. This module also includes a public portal that can be used by members of your community to update their information and, as you add more modules below, the portal will expand and let teachers fill out student reports, let parents see their child’s progress, make donations, search school directories, fill out applications, contracts and other forms, view private calendars and lots more. Also included with this core module come two dozen free features (see Free Features below).

Tags: Development, Registrar, Admin