BigSIS Privacy Statement

BigSIS is committed to protecting The Client’s privacy as well as the privacy of people or users who The Client adds into the BigSIS database. In keeping with that commitment, BigSIS warrants:

  1. That it will not resell or abuse The Client’s private information
  2. That it will not share any of The Client’s information, including via website demos, without The Client’s explicit written consent and that if the sharing of such information is mandated by the government, BigSIS will promptly advise Client of such so that Client can take any steps it believes necessary to secure its information
  3. That it has taken proper steps to insure the security of the information provided, including on all backup sources
  4. Please contact us if you have any concerns about your privacy or personal data

Facebook/Google Integration Data Deletion

BigSIS respects your privacy very much and we only collect the bare minimum data from our SSO (single sign-on) providers. If you would like to disconnect your Facebook or Google account from BigSIS and have your data deleted, simply follow these steps:

  1. Log into BigSIS (
  2. Go to the My Account tab in the portal (last tab in the top strip)
  3. Expand out "Single Sign-On" and select the service you would like to remove from your account and have your data deleted from BigSIS.