BigSIS for Teachers and Parents

Teachers and Parents love BigSIS 

You'll enjoy a streamlined process that's easy and fun.

Teachers can focus on what they love: the classroom. Parents can stay up to date on their children's progress.

Teachers work online through the Teacher Portal to write grades and reports, curriculum summaries (descriptions), and allow proofreaders direct access. Attendance is a breeze - taken either on a device or paper and entered later- and automatically updates the front office, and attendance summaries can show up on reports. Parents and students can access assignments, documents, and even in-progress reporting, if desired.

Teachers love reports and grading in BigSIS (and that's saying a lot!)

Hard to imagine, but teachers tell us they have fun doing grades and reports online with BigSIS.

Work online, goes wherever you do


Take your grading to the coffeeshop, or the beach!


access the central, secure database anywhere, anytime

Manage your students and classrooms


get all your grading done online in a smooth elegant Teacher Portal


attendance and truancy is easy to track and report


students and parents can view assignments and download your documents


families know what's going on through the Parent Portal


you are integrated with the whole school administration


a variety of different styles, each with many options, for sending out reports


working through online portals saves you time, keeps you organized

We're here for you...


quick, responsive support turnaround 


always improving, customer input becomes new features

You want to focus on teaching, BigSIS let's you do just that

Reports and grading, attendance, course descriptions... it's all handled in a smooth elegant online system. 


1. Grading and reports online: easier to do, easier to view.

An elegant interface makes entering grades a breeze and grades are calculated instantly. Grading and reports can be done at the end of a semester or anytime throughout the semester in the form of progress reports. There are a variety of different styles, each with many options, for sending out these reports, and the system automatically creates cover sheets, labels and duplicate copies for children from split families. What’s more, with just a few clicks, you can make these reports immediately available to parents via the parent portal that comes with BigSIS. The portal, just like the admin, is accessible from any web browser so parents can view and download reports at their convenience. 

Teachers log in, view their courses and write narrative progress reports (alternatively, end-of-year reports, end-of-semester reports, or report cards) for each student, including an option to fill out a rubric-style matrix assessment. The reports are stored in the student’s record and can be printed out for parents with ease, or released to the Parent Portal to give parents access to them online.

2. The Gradebook makes you a Teacher-Ninja

The Gradebook module allows teachers to create gradebooks for each course they teach, and then weighted categories, such as for homework, tests & quizzes, class participation, main lesson books, etc. They can then create assignments with descriptions, upload supplementary documents (e.g., articles, syllabi, study guides, etc.), and assign different weights to assignments. Students and parents can view assignments and download the documents. Snapshots can be created throughout the time of the course and shared with parents if desired.

Parents can then keep an eye on how their children are doing in each of their courses (if this is desirable by the school and the teacher). When it’s time for the written reports to go home to the parents, teachers can push the gradebook results to these reports with a click and then they can also enter unlimited notes and matrixes about the student’s work during that term.