From the back office, to teachers, to the community...

BigSIS links your admin office with everyone in the school in a coherent way that is easy to access, extract, report, and act on.


BigSIS helps back-office and admin usersClass lists, detailed parent contact information, student enrollment (current and historic), donor lists, teacher reports... BigSIS has you covered, and much more. In addition to being user-friendly for the tech-phobic, BigSIS also has the flexibility power-users need to extract all kinds of data, lists, and information needed for reports and analysis.

Our wide scope of features allows practical use by different school user groups with specialized needs, such as admin, development, admissions, teacher/faculty, parents, and the board. It has many labor-saving features, such as tracking the data from website inquiries directly in the database. Those leads can then be monitored through various paths all the way to enrollment and registration. The array of associated tasks are tracked and auto-calendared for follow-up. Separate portals are available for admin, faculty or parents to access information appropriate to that specific group and edits and updates are easy and fun. 

What are the key features?

BigSIS is packed with too many features to list here, and is simply the most robust yet easy-to-use school data management system available. We understand your pain points, and want to help. This is just a glance at the surface, scroll down to enter a more in-depth look at how we can address your needs.

Web-based, platform agnostic







Robust, powerful data management engine


powerful queries


built-in reports


unlimited users




import/export to Excel


saves time


saves money

We're here for you...


responsive support


integrated help videos, good documentation


regular updates, bug fixes and improvements


aesthetic and ergonomic

Office Manager/ Registrar

Let's explore transcripts, calendars, and other features.

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Admissions Director

Let's look at how BigSIS tracks new families.

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Development Director

Let's see how we manage donations, events and more.

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Tech User/ DBA

Let's talk about integrations, and what this will replace.

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