Web-Based System

Access the system from any device: admission officers stay up to date and on-task, parents access forms and status anywhere anytime.

Customized Forms and Contracts

Prepare custom forms based on a variety of criteria. Parents fill out and sign online, for easy enrollment and re-enrollment.

Responsive Support

We're here to help throughout the school year and beyond: support staff are quick to respond, and your input becomes future updates.
BigSIS for Admissions Directors

Your admissions workflow will never be the same

We give Admissions officers the tools to make sure no lead falls through the cracks.

Recruit, build relationships with prospective students and track everything from inquiry, application and school visit, to actual enrollment. Create online applications and online contracts that can be completely customized for each student. View real-time data on prospective and returning student numbers in various formats.

  • Craft your own admissions workflow to match your process, managing tasks and team members.
  • Use follow-up reminders, targeted emailing functions for a clear path from first contact to final contract and enrollment.
  • Automate tasks to eliminate ineffective work.
  • View real-time admissions, enrollment and re-enrollment numbers.

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BigSIS for Admissions Officers

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See how you can easily receive and track new leads through your entire admissions process with BigSIS



With BigSIS you to effectively recruit, retain and manage the student population.

Transform how your Admissions team engages prospective and returning students


1. From first contact, you are tracking the prospective student through the process.

BigSIS gives you tools to collect relevant, intelligent and actionable student details then helps you stay aware of each prospect's status in the application and enrollment process. When you send out an application, BigSIS will remind you to confirm that it came back, or that you should follow up with the parents. Track custom data, like the current school, date they attended an open house or had a visit, etc. Query anything you need in our system to build mailing lists or reports.

BigSIS Editing Leads

2. Online applications, online contracts, a portal parents can love.

Reach more families through an easy customized online admissions application that can be filled out, signed and submitted from anywhere through the portal, making it as easy as possible to get that initial contact into the system. Customize them for different grade levels, and collect fees online or by check. Also, create online contracts that can be completely customized for each student. You can create a standard contract for each grade level with tuition, fees, deposits, tuition insurance, etc., then customize each contract with any awarded tuition assistance, sibling discounts, additional fees or other line items. You can even pro-rate the contract or split it between two parents based on the percentage each will pay.

Parents love our online portal for tracking details about their admissions process, contracts, events, teacher information, and child's progress.

3. Easy mailing labels, custom queries. View real-time, rich data on prospects and returning students.

Use our powerful query builder to view your data in lots of different ways and pull mailing labels or reports. You can also communicate directly with potential parents by using the integrated email module. 

Status logs record the state of prospective and returning students with dates and events. You can view real-time enrollment and re-enrollment numbers in a variety of ways, like tables or charts, including historical comparisons. 

BigSIS powerful reporting

4. De-stress enrollment and re-enrollment.

Automated contracts and online deposit or tuition payments make enrollment time a breeze. Monitor enrollment progress, help guide parents to completion and avoid frustrating hangups or problems later.

School-wide integration means enrollment data propagates throughout your colleagues' systems to smoothly handle family data. 

Supercharged recruitment, admissions and enrollment process

Our powerful tools, ease of use, and automation makes sure you are successfully engaging every prospective student.

Web-based, goes wherever you do


engage with prospects from anywhere, documents, applications, and contracts are always available


access the central, secure database anywhere, anytime

Customized applications and contracts, easy to use for you and them


customized application forms and contracts- fill out, sign, pay, and submit online


real-time admissions data is always at your fingertips


reminders keep you in touch with prospects so no one is left behind


portals for prospects


your work easily integrates across the school


Simplify and enjoy your enrollment & re-ennrollment season


work in many tabs at once across multiple areas of the application


collecting information through online portals saves you time, makes it easy for parents


easy form and contract work saves money

We're here for you...


quick, responsive support turnaround 


always improving, customer input becomes new features

review of BigSIS on G2 Crowd

"A strong product and even better support and development team

BigSIS's student information system is very well conceived, is always being improved, and provides tremendous value. In particular, their leadership and development teams are simply first rate, and provide us great confidence that any issues will be swiftly and appropriately resolved."

- Paul G.
Reviews of BigSIS on Capterra

"Extremely flexible and user-friendly program. We love it!

Very powerful program with fantastic support team that has implemented many of our requests as needed. Online portals improve our school communications and parents like the real-time directory and access to forms and student reports. Teachers love the portals for ease of writing reports online. From online inquiries to admissions tracking, development, attendance, reports, this program meets many of our needs."

- Lori W.