BigSIS for Development Directors

Your ability to cultivate donors just got easier

Powerful and targeted queries translate easily into effective solicitations

Your charge is to create numerous, efficient, and compelling opportunities for donors to support your school and to make the experience of giving satisfying and rewarding. BigSIS makes it easier to find potential donors by giving you tools to filter the database for any criteria, so you are able to target the most likely donor candidates. Our features help you plan and manage fund-raising campaigns and activities, our emailing functions help you get the word out. Even though fundraising and development is very much a person-to-person process, the technology landscape is ever-changing and you need to connect to your constituents, as well as have the most effective tools to find them.

Your fundraising efforts require a special personality...

and the right technological tools. 

Coordinating and implementing contributed income programs requires a deft touch, but also the right technology to identify, engage and report on potential donors and sources of financial backing for your school. 

Web-based, goes wherever you do


respond quickly with all the information you need


access the central, secure database anywhere, anytime

Customized reporting, document sharing, calendars, planning tools


high-tech tools for reaching the best audience of donors in your community


real-time data is always at your fingertips


select any segment of the community, customize and personalize group emails (see below for more)


online giving makes donating easy


your work easily integrates across the school


work in many tabs at once across multiple areas of the application


collecting information through online portals saves you time, makes it easy for parents


easy form and contract work saves money

We're here for you...


quick, responsive support turnaround 


always improving, customer input becomes new features

Giving depends on relationships, we help you nurture them

Our technology supports your human connection to donors, volunteers, and givers


1. Track your gifts and pledges and their associated campaigns, funds and appeals

The BigSIS Donations and Fundraising feature allows you to track gifts and pledges and their associated campaigns, fund and appeals. The majority of people who donate are also potential future donors (parents, grandparents, alumni, etc), they will be in the system and ready to solicit new donations.

BigSIS tracks gifts and pledges

2. Identify and cultivate prospective donors

Our powerful querying system allows you to pull reports based on information in the system - for example, a list of everyone who donated over $500 last year but less than $200 this year. Once you have the list you need, you can pull reports or mailing labels for it, send personalized thank you emails to the donors on the list, or perform a number of other actions to the list.

05.-Filtering-LeadsBigSIS Filtering Leads

3. Online donation tools integrated into your portal, and your website

Watch the donations roll into BigSIS from our online donation form that is integrated right into the portal, and can also be easily added to your school website. Streamline fundraising events and drives by making donating easy and convenient with real-time tracking.