Integrated Email

Our Integrated Email system allows you to select any segment of people in your database (e.g., grandparents, alumni, parents of current 2nd graders, etc.) and send them all an email simultaneously. We’re not talking about a group email, but rather something far more powerful because each individual you email will receive a personalized email just for them. So if you are emailing parents of students in a certain course, for example, you can use what we call data markers that are replaced with the individual’s data (e.g., the parent’s name, the student’s name and current grade, the course, etc.) when the email is sent.

You can even create canned or predefined templates that include these markers, saving you the hassle of having to re-create an oft-used email each time you need to send it. You can also use this system together with our free Filter & Query Builder to send out very targeted email blasts based on different criteria you may choose. And BigSIS sends email out through the same system you currently use, just like your smart phone or MS Outlook does. So any email you send from BigSIS will immediately be visible in your other programs and from your smart phone or tablet. Sent emails will also be stored in BigSIS, of course, so you can easily review any emails you have ever sent to an individual from BigSIS. This module also includes an extra security measure that allows you to limit who can view emails sent from the email accounts you integrate into BigSIS.

Tags: Development, Teachers, Registrar, Admin