BigSIS integrated is better

Save time, integrate all your work

You are connected with the whole school's administration, teachers, and parents in a seamless system.

Collect forms and parent input through the Parent Portal, filter for nearly any information, and track progress through the contracting process. Customize reports, create enrollment contracts on the fly, selectively communicate with parents, donors, employees, teachers. Complete your mid- and year-end reports quickly instead of over weeks.

BigSIS consolidates multiple admin functions in one user-friendly package to streamline and supercharge your workflow!

You'll love what we do for Office Managers and Registrars

The large (and growing) feature set, powerful tools, and ease of use makes BigSIS the best information system for the money.

100% online, goes wherever you do


work from the office, pick it up at home


access the central, secure database anywhere, anytime

Collect, store, and share information online


collect information through customized online forms


information you need daily is always at your fingertips


easily print attendance sheets, directories, reports, and more


friendly interface helps everyone come on board which makes your life easier


consolidate tasks, integrate across the school


work in many tabs at once across multiple areas of the application


collecting information from across the school and community online  saves you time and hassle


streamlined information management saves money

We're here for you...


quick, responsive support turnaround 


always improving, customer input becomes new features

You will transform how your school works

Collaborate with everyone in the school through a centralized, always-available database. You'll find tools and features specifically designed to ease the headaches of running a school.


1. Share data and with your colleagues, teachers, and parents, easily and online.

BigSIS integrates your work as office manager with registrar, development,  admissions, teachers, and board members. Communication is easier, parents can update information or fill out forms directly through the Parent Portal, everyone can find forms, calendars, and directories online. Teachers work directly in the Teacher Portal to write reports and attendance.

BigSIS Dashboard

Your BigSIS Dashboard connects you with all your task areas and people throughout the school community.


2. Customize your reporting

 Powerful filters and queries help make customizable reporting a breeze. Print attendance sheets or the directory with ease, handle year-end reports from a centralized database. Give your board members, development officer, registrar, or anyone else exactly he information they need with a few clicks. 

BigSIS Run Enrollment QueryYou can quickly run easy to use custom queries to grab whatever data you need.


3. Selectively communicate with your constituents

Customize emails to parents, donors, teachers, employees or anyone in the school universe.