BigSIS for DBA and power user

We keep your data accessible and secure

BigSIS does the heavy lifting to make you a database rockstar

BigSIS is takes advantage of all the latest available technologies available to ensure that your data is organized, accessible, secure, backed-up and recoverable.

You can focus on the powerful reporting and user management, leave the data availability, speed, and security to us. 

Managing complex databases is a complex job, and not many schools have (or want to have) the resources to hire a site-specific database manager. We take that responsibility on, and let you easily craft intricate data reports and presentations. 

100% Web-based, unlike our competitors


data is accessible and available


we manage the security of your data so you don't have to


customized reporting is easy and efficient

Latest Front-end and Server technology


dedicated cloud server- 8 processors, SSD drives, fast transfer speeds


cutting-edge, proprietary, lightweight, sleek front-end layer


latest versions of jQuery and Boostrap on the front end


latest versions of C#/.NET and SQL on the server


responsive templates, mobile-ready

We're here for you...


we manage installation and upgrades


assistance managing users and permissions


quick, responsive support 

Let us be the infrastructure, you have fun organizing and reporting on the data

Our system and technology makes it easy for you to stay on task getting your data into fine-tuned reports, all the while knowing it is safe and convenient.


1. Powerful, fast, cloud-based servers

Our dedicated cloud-based servers with 8 processors, SSD drives, and reliable high data transfer speeds keep your data updated and convenient at all times, anywhere. The state of the art server-side technology includes the latest SQL, C#/.NET scripting.

2. Lightweight, sleek interface

We take great care to develop a proprietary front-end user experience. The templates are responsive, mobile-ready and use the latest versions of jQuery and Bootstrap scripting.  

3. Installation

Watch the donations roll into BigSIS from our online donation form that is integrated right into the portal, and can also be easily added to your school website. Streamline fundraising events and drives by making donating easy and convenient with real-time tracking.