Everyday I’m so happy with this program! I love all the little things like being able to sort the data how I want it, printing attendance sheets, printing the directory—printing the directory used to be an absolute nightmare with our previous system. In BigSIS you push a button, print it, and it’s done! I cannot wait to see where we will be with BigSIS a year from now. It’s just so intuitive and easy to use and something that actually fits our needs. I trained our teachers how to do their end-of-year reports in only 10 minutes; It was so easy and the teachers were happy with using our new software. I’m thrilled, and so is the rest of the administrative staff.

We’re really happy and loving BigSIS!

Julie Wahlin
Front Office Manager, Shelburne, VT

BigSIS is a tremendous program! BigSIS is exactly what we were looking for, it has the ability to encompass all aspects of what a school needs to do in order to run smoothly and efficiently. I am so pleased with our contract with BigSIS!

The program is easy to use and the BigSIS support staff have been great and have always answered our calls and replied promptly to emails and their guidance has been invaluable. BigSIS makes communication between all facets of school life very easy. It covers all areas of admissions, teachers grading and comments, parent’s portal and student portal as well as registrar, and development. Truly a remarkable program, we could not be happier with our decision to go with BigSIS.

Thank you for all of your help and support!

Julia King
Registrar and Guidance Counselor, Belmont, MA