Leads Management with Tasks

The Leads Management with Tasks tool is an admissions module that allows you to keep track of prospective students (“leads”) from the first inquiry through the application and visitation phases and on through enrollment. You can set up your own workflow that conforms to your school’s admissions process, creating and assigning tasks for each team member to complete in order to keep the admissions process flowing from beginning to end.

Think of this as BigSIS holding your hand through the admissions process so no lead ever falls through the cracks, is forgotten, or stalls because of inattention. For example, when you send out an application, the system can remind you a couple of weeks later to confirm that you have received the application back or to follow-up with the parents if they haven’t returned it. With this module, you may also track any custom data you wish, such as the student’s current school, the date they attended an open house or met with a teacher, etc. Use our powerful query builder to view your data in lots of different ways and pull mailing labels or reports. You can also communicate directly with potential parents by using the integrated email module. In addition to all this, the leads module provides a status log that records the exact state of every enrollment and re-enrollment lead with the date. This will be used for the robust Leads Reporting module (see below) by knowing who was in which state at what time.

Tags: Admissions, Admin