How to Solve 4 Common Admission Technology Issues

Just like a well-worn pair of shoes, your admission process may have started off working well for your school—it fit perfectly and matched up well with your needs at the time. Over time, as your school has evolved, it has become clear that you are outgrowing your current process once again.   

Finding a new solution can be intimidating, especially when there are so many options. In this blog, we are covering four common issues that schools run into that signal it might be time for a new admission system. Plus, for every issue, we’re showing you what features to look for in a new solution that can alleviate the issues altogether.  


Lack of Flexibility 

 Is your staff able to work remotely when they need to? Do families have a central communication platform for your school? Is all information accessible across modern devices, like phones and tablets?   

Schools are realizing that technology has changed what staff and families expect from schools. They are acclimated to using modern technology in their daily lives, and they want the same experience when it comes to their job or their student’s school activities.   

The Fix  

Look for an admission solution that is cloud-based and meets top security standards. This will allow access to school and student information anytime, on any device without the risk of a data breach  

Also, make sure the solution connects school and home with portals that sync with one another. Admin, teacher, and parent portals that connect automatically allow a seamless flow of information. By centralizing the process, all parties have the flexibility to access information, forms, or communication when and where they need it.  


A Complicated Application Process 

Imagine you are a prospective family that is excited to be applying to the school of your choice—the mission, curriculum, and staff seem like the perfect fit for your student! Then, you start the application process, and your excitement quickly dwindles. First, it’s hard to understand what forms you need to fill out. Then, you must fill out the same information on multiple forms. Finally, you apply but have no idea when you will hear back or what the status of your application is.  

A complicated, tedious application process can deter prospective families from completing the application and enrolling at your school. Since the application is the first formal process families experience with your school, you want to ensure it goes as well as it can to maintain their interest and excitement.  

The Fix 

A modern solution can centralize the admission process to keep things moving smoothly. Look for a system that allows families to inquire, apply, track application status, and accept admission from one system. This visibility into the entire process puts families at ease and sets the tone for their experience with your school.  

A centralized solution benefits school staff too. Your admission team can flag applications for follow-up, assign multiple team members to review applications, set up interviews, and communicate with families. As a result, you can keep up with a higher volume of applications while maintaining quality and efficiency.  


Paper Processes 

Applications, contracts, academics…there’s a lot of information that schools handle daily. Because of this, schools are finding it hard to keep up with paper processes. Paperwork gets lost, back-and-forth communication takes up a lot of staff time, and the exchange of information is slow. It’s frustrating for families, too, when they need assistance or have to make a trip to school to fill out paperwork.  

The Fix 

Luckily, there’s an easier way to do things nowadays. Automation can do the heavy lifting for you for everything from scheduling targeted email campaigns to sending automatic reminders about important application due dates. Look for a system that is customizable too, so you can configure a setup that works for your staff and needs.  


Outdated Technology  

Have you ever experienced technology that doesn’t work together? Let’s say you want to link two bank accounts together so you can track all your financial information in one place, only to discover the two can’t be linked. As a result, you find yourself manually entering all your expenses and purchases into a separate spreadsheet to track everything.  

You may experience this same scenario at your school if you are using outdated technology. Multiple logins, manually transferring and tracking data, or having a hard time updating information can all be made easier with the latest technology.   

The Fix 

The key is to look for a connected system so that no step of the process gets stalled. For example, once an admission decision is made in a connected system, families can be notified and review their offer immediately.  

All your data will be in one place, so you have the full picture at your fingertips and can make decisions accordingly. Look for a system that updates in real-time to ensure you always have access to the most current information.  


A Trusted Admission Technology Partner   

So, are you ready to trade stacks of files and hours of manual processes for flexibility, automation, and a user-friendly experience from start to finish? We don’t blame you!  


Ravenna ADMIT offers modern features like automated workflows, centralized portals, interview management, and more that will elevate your admission process. We collaborate with schools to design a setup that works best for their size, mission, and goals. Learn more about our complete admission solution and get in touch if you want to see how it can help your school. Our team is here to walk you through the system and answer questions! 

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