The Gradebook module allows teachers to create gradebooks for each course they teach, and then create weighted categories, such as for homework, tests & quizzes, class participation, main lesson books, etc.

They can then create assignments with descriptions, upload supplementary documents (e.g., articles, syllabi, study guides, etc.), and assign different weights to assignments. Students and parents can view assignments and download the documents. An elegant interface makes entering grades a breeze and grades are calculated instantly. Snapshots can be created throughout the time of the course and shared with parents if desired. Parents can then keep an eye on how their children are doing in each of their courses (if this is desirable by the school and the teacher). When it’s time for the written reports to go home to the parents, teachers can push the gradebook results to these reports with a click and then, with the the Student Reports & Grades module, they may also enter unlimited notes and matrixes about the student’s work during that term.

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