Donations & Fundraising

The Donations & Fundraising module is a development tool that allows you to track your gifts and pledges and their associated campaigns, funds and appeals. And because the majority of people who donate or are potential donors (parents, grandparents, alumni, etc.) will already be in BigSIS, it’s the perfect place to track your current donations and solicit new ones!

Watch the donations start rolling right into BigSIS from our online donation form that is integrated right into our portal and can also be added easily into your school website! And our powerful querying system allows you to pull reports based on information in the system. For example, if you want to get a list of everyone who donated over $500 last year but less than $200 this year, that’s a breeze. Once you have the list you need, you can pull reports or mailing labels for it, send personalized thank you emails to the donors on the list, or perform a number of other available actions to the list.

Tags: Development, Parents, Admin