Attendance & Truancy Management

The Attendance & Truancy Management tool allows you to track the attendance of the students enrolled in any given semester by the day and/or by their courses. Attendance can be taken via a computer or tablet in the classroom, or on paper and entered later. You set up the attendance groups (Present, Late, Absent, Suspended, Etc.) that you want, and then each group can have as many statuses as needed (Late – Excused, Late – Unexcused (no note), Late – Unexcused (has note), etc.).

Coming soon, you will be able to setup truancy rules with corresponding punishments (e.g., 3 unexcused tardies = detention). System work can run nightly to alert you to who has broken truancy rules. Attendance summaries can be shown on student reports.

Tags: Teachers, Registrar, Admin