BigSIS is a Student Information System / School Management Software package developed by a Waldorf Alumnus specifically to meet the needs of Waldorf schools across the globe.


 It’s wonderful to have a data product that

understands how Waldorf schools work! 

— Betsy Leighton, Administrator, City of Lakes Waldorf School

BigSIS meets the needs of Waldorf schools by addressing the unique Waldorf needs, such as

Web-based, goes wherever you do


respond quickly with all the information you need


access the central, secure database anywhere, anytime

Features to help a Waldorf School run smoothly


Written end-of-semester reports


Class teacher review (and possible editing) of reports


Rubric scale grading or no grading whatsoever for certain grades (e.g. lower school)


Mid-semester progress reports


Built-in blocks as well as track classes


Flexible family setups for modern families


Flexible semester setup, flexible course schedules


Multiple teachers per course


Flexible attendance management


Integrated donation management



Call us at 844-4-BIGSIS (424-4747) or email or fill out our contact us form to learn more and set up a demo!

Read what some of the users of BigSIS are saying:

Lori Williamson, Registrar at Waldorf School of San Diego:

“BigSIS  is awesome! On rolling the new Web-based version out to our Admin staff you could hear the sighs of relief at now having at their fingertips the pertinent information that is needed daily. Everyone started using it immediately. An employee who is not computer-savvy commented, ‘Finally, a program I can understand!’Edits and updates are easy and fun. In addition to being user-friendly, BigSIS also has the flexibility power-users need to extract data, lists and information needed for reports and analysis.”

Betsy Leighton, Administrator at the City of Lakes Waldorf School:

“The BigSIS staff have been very attentive to our needs. We have especially appreciated the ability to quickly enter new families all in one step.  BigSIS is easy to use, intuitive, and is making it easier for us to do our work effectively.  Teachers have also been impressed with the online report writer. We love the ease of attendance entry and report generation. It’s wonderful to have a data product that understands how Waldorf schools work!”

Julia King, Registrar and Guidance Counselor at Waldorf High School of Massachusetts Bay:

“BigSIS is a tremendous program! BigSIS is exactly what we were looking for, it has the ability to encompass all aspects of what a school needs to do in order to run smoothly and efficiently. I am so pleased with our contract with BigSIS!

The program is easy to use and the BigSIS support staff have been great and have always answered our calls and replied promptly to emails and their guidance has been invaluable. BigSIS makes communication between all facets of school life very easy. It covers all areas of admissions, teachers grading and comments, parent’s portal and student portal as well as registrar, and development. Truly a remarkable program, we could not be happier with our decision to go with BigSIS.

Thank you for all of your help and support!”

Bob Roberson, Business Manager at Waldorf School of Pittsburgh:

“I have used many databases and can easily say, BigSIS makes sense. All the modules and functions are well integrated and very easy to use. Once I learned one piece of the system, I felt I could navigate through all of its robust features. I also continue to receive positive feedback from the staff who used it as well. After writing her student reports, our Faculty Chair wrote to me, saying ‘First of all I LOVE LOVE BigSIS. It is so easy to use and made this process really smooth.’

It has many little things that didn’t even occur to me, like mailing labels for different households for the same student. Their support team implemented our data quickly and has continued to be very responsive. I think BigSIS will allow us to communicate and share information with our community much more easily and we are excited by its potential.”