Release Notes

2018-05-08 Release Notes

  • Announcing New Formatting Options for Narratives and Course Descriptions
    • As a thank you to teachers during teacher appreciation week, BigSIS is releasing new formatting options for their reports and course descriptions. It's been a long road to add more formatting options, much longer than we had hoped. Making the formatting work with the engine that outputs reports to parent portals was always the challenge; however, we've always understood how important the feature is for teachers. Teachers need to be able to bold text to create basic headers, underline and italicize the titles of books and films, make ordered lists, and in general have a little more control over the format of their reports. We understood all this not only because we've been listening, but also because we are teachers ourselves; several of the staff at BigSIS have been teachers, too. So today, during teacher appreciation week, we're thrilled that we could give something back for all the hard work teachers do! The new formatting options include bold, italics, underline, and lists. Here's an example of how the editor looks:

      New Formatting for Teacher Reports

  • New Security Feature: Disable SSO from "My Account" view for admins
    1. Single Sign-on (SSO) makes it convenient and easy to log in to your system by authenticating through one of your secure account (Facebook and/or Google). However, we understand that while this feature adds convenience, it can pose some risks. We have added the ability to turn off SSO as an option on the "My Account" page for any admins and staff with backend access to the system. This new feature merely allows you to disable the option to connect one's BigSIS account to an SSO login after they have already created an account for BigSIS but it does not prevent users from creating an account with SSO in the first place. Thus, if you wish to fully disable the ability for admins to log on to the system with SSO, you will still be required to ask your staff to detach their existing SSO connections (if they have any already) and you will also be required to tell new staff NOT to sign up with their SSO account when they are creating their new BigSIS account. Contact with further questions.