Release Notes

2018-05-02 Release Notes

  • Announcing BigSIS Development Module Round Table
    • In our ongoing effort to devote our resources to your most urgent needs, we have decided to host regular round tables / focus groups that all are welcome to attend. Join us to tell us what's working, what's not working, and what your most urgent needs are.
    • You'll also be able to hear from peers in other schools so that we may all work together in guiding BigSIS to work for your common needs. As we learn from our community, we will hone in on the most urgent community needs and most innovative ideas. We want to learn from you so that when we release patches and updates to the system, we can ensure we are devoting the bulk of our resources to the things you need most and you need now! Each round table will focus on a specific topic. Our first one will be devoted to development tools and there are two opportunities to join:
      • Thursday May 10, 2018 at 2:30PM EDT
      • Wednesday May 16, 2018 at 1:00PM EDT
    • We wanted to offer two opportunities (above) for this first round table so that you have a little more flexibility. If you are interested:
      Register for Round Table
  • New Development Tools For Logging Donation Payments
    1. When it came to collecting payments for donations, we realized there was the easy way ( payments) and a hard way (all other payments) so we created a tool to make it super easy to settle and log all of your payment installments not settled by in one convenient location. We call it the 'Log Hands-On Donation Payments' tool. Every pledge and recurring gift not handled by is now located in this one tool to make it super easy to log all payments made by cash, check, payroll deduction and more. This new tool will not only list all of these installments that are due, it will also list, in plain English, how many overdue installments you have as well as how many installments are due in the near future. This tool will make it much, much easier to track all of your installments that are currently paid the 'hard way.' Before this update, you may have come across a somewhat cryptic terms such "External Automatic" and "Manual" payments. We have replaced those terms with more user-friendly language to make logging all your donation payments more accessible and effortless. All payments are now categorized under two types: Hands-Off and Hands-On. Hands-Off payments are handled by, thus they are hands-off in the sense that once a donation is created with these payments you and your staff do not have to be involved much with them since they are able to be processed by without much involvement from your team. Hands-On payments, on the other hand, are all other kinds of payments not processed by Our new tool will put all of these hands-on payments in one location to make them painless to settle.

Video 1: New Hands-On Tool

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  • Recurring Gifts Improvements
    1. Entering past gifts and new installments has never been easier. Not only have we added new features to make it super intuitive and simple to view the status of any recurring gift, we have also improved the options you have. Now, when you go to Donations > Recurring Gifts and edit any recurring gift, you may see buttons for (A) Entering a past gift, (B) Entering Next Installment, and (C) Skipping Next Installment. Updating and keeping track of recurring gifts has never been more manageable. In addition to all this, we've added new interface features to hold your hand so that even if you are a little unsure about the process, BigSIS will help you every step of the way.

Video 2: Recurring Gift Changes

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  • Descriptions
    1. More detailed descriptions will now be sent to whenever a user makes a payment for a donation, application, contract, or other form in BigSIS. This has been a commonly requested feature and we are thrilled to finally be able to deliver it to you!
  • Development Email Account
    1. We have added the ability to add a second system email account to be used exclusively for development emails. By going to your Client Settings > Donations settings you may set a new email account that users will see in the 'From' address of emails sent for confirmation purposes (of new donations and payments) from a donation template as well as any emails sent from the 'Log Hands-On Donation Payments' tool.