Release Notes

2018-04-13 Release Notes

  • Assessment Report Improvements
      1. Assessment report parameters are now organized into sections to make it easier to understand and manage all the parameters
      2. New Cover Sheet Options!
        • Background Image: you may now add a background image to your cover sheets.
        • Alternative Logo: if you prefer to use an alternative logo in place of the default one, you now have that option.
        • Rearrange Text and Logo: you may now move the text and logo around on the cover sheet at your discretion. Items may be moved up or down vertically.
        • Title Font Fix: A small bug that was preventing some text on the cover sheet to respect your Title Font choice has been remedied.
      3. New Signature Page
        • A new optional signature page has been added. Up to two signature lines with names and titles may be added along with a date line, signature page message, and attendance summary.
  • Person Quick View Changes
      1. The person Quick View now lists all past enrollments that a student has on record.
  • Lead Mini Summary Improvement
      1. The admission lead mini summary has been moved to its own box when editing a lead. It contains information about all the relatives at a glance along with all notes that have been written about the lead.
  • Core Curriculum (Core Requirements) Tool Help Documentation
      1. Help documentation and a slightly improved interface have been added to the core requirements tool. We have noticed that many schools that could benefit greatly from this tool are not taking advantage of it perhaps because it wasn’t clear how to use it. We have added a lot of instructions and help in order to remedy the underutilization of this tool. The tool can greatly help you keep track of student progress to ensure they are meeting all requirements for graduation (and for qualification for college acceptance). To begin using the tool, go to Courses > Core Requirements.
  • Transfer Credit Changes
    1. The transfer credit tool was originally designed to make it easy to enter all the transfer credit from a transfer school in one instance. The transfer credit form that is filled out contains all the possible fields and is very simple to walk through. In a very small set of instances, some users were having to go back into the transfer credit and add additional courses to the same transfer school that had already been completed in the past. The process for doing this was confusing and was causing some user error. We have simplified that process to limit greatly the ability for user error.

  1. Phone number extensions will now properly show on the health info report.
  2. Attempted credits on transcripts has been changed to reflect the total number of credits that a course is worth regardless of the maximum percentage of credit a student may earn. For schools that would rather not display a discrepancy between attempted credits and earned credits in certain cases (e.g., when a student performs well in the course but only earns half the credit and showing the discrepancy between attempted credits and earned credits may reflect poorly on the student) we have added an option to either hide the attempted credits altogether OR change the label of the column.
  3. The program column in the associate portal is once again sortable.
  4. Custom fields on the families query in the person table are now exporting correctly.