Release Notes

2018-02-24 Release Notes

  1. New Transcript By Academic Year With Transfer Credit Report
    • This report creates transcripts that are grouped by academic year first and foremost. You may find this transcript report in the Report Viewer under the Transcripts category. Below is a list of some of the new features available on this transcript:
      • GPAs Per Academic Year and Overall GPAs – with this transcript, you will see GPAs for each academic year as well as a general overall GPA so that colleges can see how a student progressed from one year to the next.
      • Weighted GPAs – the transcript can also display both weighted and unweighted overall GPAs as well as academic and non-academic GPAs (all of these are options and not required).
      • In Progress Courses – the transcript also displays any courses that are currently in progress for students (student just need to be registered for the course, they do not need to have an assessment yet).
      • Community Service – schools using our new community service tools can elect to display the community service hours on this transcript as well.  
      • Font Sizing – for schools interested in trying to print all the information on a single page, this transcript offers several font sizing options. It let’s you decide whether legibility or reducing the number of printed pages is the highest priority.
      • Duplex Printing – this transcript also allows for double-sided printing.
  2. Duplex Printing for End of Semester Reports
    • The End of Semester reports have finally received the ability to print double-sided. When a student’s report ends with an odd number of pages, a new blank page is inserted before the report of the next student is printed.
  3. Donations Nightly Alert New Feature
    • BigSIS has always offered the ability to be alerted about potential donation and payment issues with the nightly reconcile alert. The issue has been that it is sent every night even if no issues are detected. A new client setting has been added that allows you to disable the alert email if BigSIS detects no errors. This way, you will only receive the Nightly Reconcile alert if the system finds any errors. You may enable this option by going to System > Settings > Client Settings > Donations. At the very top, look for the option titled “Only send ‘Authnet Nightly Reconcile' alert email if errors are found" and check the box next to the option.
  4. Tax Receipt Publishing to Portal
    • You may now send a copy of the tax receipt directly to donor’s portals. When running the tax receipt report, click the “Publish to Portals” button. Make sure you have the Donor Documents tab enabled in the portal too, otherwise donors will not be able to view and download the copy of the tax receipt. To enable the Donor Documents tab go to System > Settings > Portal Setup. Locate the “Donor Portal” portal tab and ensure that it has the option ‘Show in Portal’ checked. Then, look in the sub-tabs for Donor Portal > Donor Documents and make sure that tab also has the ‘Show in Portal’ box checked. After you do this, then any tax receipts you publish from hereon will be viewable by donors in their portals.