Release Notes

2018-01-29 Release Notes

  1. New Transcript By Department Available (Sponsored by Waldorf School of the Peninsula)
    • This report creates transcripts that are grouped by departments first and foremost. Within each department, courses are ordered by academic year, then term, then program, and finally by course title. You may find this transcript report in the Report Viewer under the Transcripts category. Below is a list of some of the new features available on this transcript:
      • Weighted GPAs – the transcript can also display both weighted and unweighted overall GPAs as well as academic and non-academic GPAs (all of these are options and not required).
      • In Progress Courses – the transcript also displays any courses that are currently in progress for students (student just need to be registered for the course, they do not need to have an assessment yet).
      • Community Service – schools using our new community service tools can elect to display the community service hours on this transcript as well.  
      • Single Page Transcript Layout Options – for schools interested in trying to print all the information on a single page, this transcript offers a number of options to control how much information can be displayed on a single page. We cannot guarantee you’ll be able to achieve single page transcripts because we cannot predict how many course listing all schools will need but this transcript gives you an arsenal of options to try to fit as much as you want on a single page. It let’s you decide whether legibility or reducing the number of printed pages is the highest priority. The spacing options include choosing from several font sizes for the courses, options for how to list columns, options for where to locate the footer, and more.
      • Duplex Printing – this transcript also allows for double-sided printing (this feature is estimated for release on 2/14/18).
      • This transcript may not work for you if you require transcripts to be grouped by academic year or program (i.e. grade level) rather than by department.
      • Additional new transcript reports coming in the future. 
  2. New Tax Receipt and Summary Letter for Donations
    • We have just released the a new Tax Receipt Letter report. You may find it listed in the new Donation Report engine (Donations > Donation Reports) by looking for the report titled “Tax Receipt Letter By Donor Profile.” This will make it much easier to generate year end (or monthly) letters for your donors that list all the payments made on donations by a donor during the year in an easy to read format. The report generates two pages: (1) a first page consisting of a pre-designed letter template where you can craft a body of the letter and (2) a second page that is designed to go with the letter and list all charitable contribution payments made by the donor along with a sum total of the amount received from all contributions. You may also generate mailing labels for the tax letters by using the corresponding Tax Receipt By Donor Profile Mailing Label report. 
  3. Community Service Hours By Enrollment
    • You may now record the number of community service hours performed by students for any given term. The new transcript by department report (see above) has an option to display the cumulatively accrued number of customer service hours completed by students. Community service hours will also be made available on future transcripts we will be releasing later this year.


  1. Mailing Labels Printing From Browser
    • Printing mailing labels is now available from your browser. In the past, you may have been instructed to download the labels first, then open them in Adobe Acrobat, then print and select the ‘Fit’ option. This is no longer necessary and, in fact, this will not longer work. Instead, the mailing labels have been updated so that they are now designed to properly print directly from your browser after you run the mailing labels report. Please adjust your BigSIS mailing label printing habits accordingly.  
  2. Associate portal should now show only current courses in the current courses tab.
  3. Some matrixes for students were not displaying on student reports, this has been resolved.