Release Notes

2017-12-21 Release Notes

  • New Mail Merge For Households and New Household Export options
    1. We have added two new mail merge options to the people table so that you may create printable letters addressed to entire households rather than to each individual person. In other words, these new “Per Household” options will return one letter for each household that rather than one per person ensuring that you do not get duplicate letters for the same household. Both options address the entire household but one of the options ignores people marked as ‘Do Not Solicit’ and the other option includes those people. This is to give you the flexibility of creating (A) letters for donation appeals that exclude people who don’t want to be solicited (everyone in the household must be marked as ‘do not solicit’ to be excluded) as well as (B) letters for other non-solicitation purposes, such as to communicate school news or send invites for open houses to your community. Go to People the people table, select the records you want to receive a letter, then click on the  “Communicate” button to view these new options.
    2. In addition to the new mail merge options, we have also added two new corresponding excel export options. One may be used for solicitation purposes and the other for non-solicitation purposes. The exports will include one record per household rather than one record per individual. You may use these excel exports to make your own household mail merges in a third party software or for other mailing needs. To explore these two new export options, go to People table, select the records you want to export (you will select people but it is their household information that will be exported, not their individual person records), click on the “Other Actions” button and select “Export People”. From the export wizard, look for the “Data Source” drop-down field and select one of the “Household Standard Queries.”


  • New Donation Campaign Update Utility
    1. Each new fiscal year, development teams at schools often need to create a brand new campaign for the new fiscal year. After creating the new campaign, these teams must go and update many other things like donation forms to switch out the old campaign for the new one. It’s now easier than ever to do this in BigSIS with the new Donation Campaign Update utility! After you create the new campaign, go to the new Donation Campaign Update Utility. You will be guided through three steps prompting you to update several items to the new campaign: (A) Donation forms, (B) Recurring Gifts, and (C) Donations.
    2. For full instructions, visit the tool and try it for yourself: go to Donations > Other Donation Tools > Donation Campaign Update Utility.
    3. BONUS: You may use the third step in this tool to see if all donations between two dates are set for the correct campaign. For example, you may select July 1, 2017 to June 30, 2018 and set the old campaign as 2016-2017. If any donations come back from this query, that means they are currently assigned to the wrong campaign. Simply select the new campaign instead and update the donations and voila, problem fixed!
  1. We have updated our main Assessment report to include name suffixes by default. For example, if you have a teacher that has a suffix of “PhD” or “Jr” entered into their person record that suffix may now appear on the assessment reports if you want (e.g., “John Smith, PhD” or “John Smith, Jr.”).
  2. Added a new client setting to “Obfuscate Student’s Government ID in Admin.” This setting will allow admins to obfuscate (hide) government ID on the screen when viewing a student record so that people walking by or behind your shoulder are unable to view the ID. Admins may still view the ID when necessary by clicking into the Government ID field itself. NOTE: This setting will not affect student ID cards. Student ID cards have a separate option to include government ID numbers or not.
  3. We have released a greatly improved user interface for managing resources for calendar events. This should make managing resources for events more intuitive and easier to work with. You can review this new interface by editing an event from the events table (go to Calendars > Events table). Then, scroll down to the “Manage Resource Reservations” tab.
  4. Transcript notes and attendance notes from enrollment records may now be exported from the enrollments table.

  1. Fixed an issue that was including “inactive” people, who are guardians, in certain directory reports in the Report Viewer. We have corrected these reports to only include “active” people who are guardians.
  2. Remedied an issue that was including “inactive” people, who are guardians, in the “Email Guardians” option from the enrollment table. We also fixed an issue that was sending requests for information to these guardians as well.  
  3. We have fixed an issue that was causing an error and would not allow people with last names that included apostrophe’s (e.g., O’Reilly) to attach Google single click sign on.