Release Notes

2017-12-08 Release Notes



  1. New Donation Reports and Reporting Engine Official Release (Advanced Beta V2)
    1. After nearly a year of development, we are thrilled to announce the advanced beta release of the new donation reporting engine along with an initial set of new extremely powerful donation reports including:
      • Top Donors By Person
      • Top Donors By Donor Profile
      • LYBUNT and SYBUNT Reports
      • Recency Report
      • Advanced Donor Profile Comparison
      • Donations By Person
      • Donations By Donor Profile
      • Donation Summary By Person
      • Donation Summary By Donor Profile
      • Giving Summary By Roles/Constituencies Reports (8 variations)
      • Additional reports are on the way as well!
    2. Many of these reports can also generate lifetime giving totals for donors, first donations, last donations, largest gifts (both lifetime and also the ability to restrict to a particular range of parameters like dates and campaigns) and much more.
    3. This new engine offers a tremendous amount of power to not only generate printable reports but also spreadsheet exports, communication tools for the donors resulting from these reports, mail merge, and mailing labels.
    4. This new engine is so robust that every school currently using the BigSIS development module will receive a free Development 3 training to learn how to use the tool. Please contact us at to schedule your training session.
    5. This is the advanced beta V2 version of the tool, which means that while it has gone through rigorous QA (quality assurance testing) and we feel comfortable releasing it, it will retain the beta tag during this initial release phase. Please spot check your data after running these reports to ensure the accuracy of the reports during the beta phase of this release.
  2. New Student Feedback Module and Assessment Report Format
    1. The new Student Feedback Module works in conjunction with a brand new report available in Report Viewer titled “Assessment Report with Student Feedback” to allow teachers to get feedback from their students about a course and (optionally) include that feedback in the new report itself. Teachers can send instructions directly to students about what their feedback (or reflection) on the course should concentrate on. Students are then able to log into their portals and quickly see which courses are awaiting their feedback and provide the feedback (or reflection). Finally, when teachers are finalizing their reports for a student in their course, they are able to view any feedback provided by the student. Teachers may, if they choose, respond to that feedback in their narrative reports before submitting their final assessment. Both the student feedback and the teacher narrative may be displayed on the new Assessment Report with Student Feedback report.
  3. We have added the option to filter by attendance status types to our “By Program” attendance report. This new feature will allow you to filter by either arrival status’ or by departure status’, giving you the ability to run the report for students with a specific attendance status type. Go to Favorites > Report Viewer > Attendance > By Program to explore this new option.
  4. We have added the new feature of mail merge to the “Communicate” button on the people table. This great feature will give you the ability to generate printable letters quickly and efficiently for members of your community using a host of options to customize each letter to the recipient. Go to People > Communicate > Mail Merge to explore this new feature.
  5. We have added a new feature to our “Full Health Info” report and now show vaccination dates and vaccination exemption dates for all vaccines.
  6. Student ID cards now have two new options to include, or not, the student’s ID number or the government ID number. Go to Report Viewer > School Directory > Student Identification Cards to review this new option.
  7. The “address salutation” field has been added to the export to XML option for all mailing labels.
  8. Added the “Deep Copy” option to curricula. This new option will allow you to copy your curricula, including each course template tied to the curricula.
  9. Health permission descriptions now appear on any MPF that uses the health permissions page item. Before this, when a user was filling out health permissions, they would see the title of the permission (e.g., Administer EpiPen) but any description that an administrator had written about that permission would not be displayed. We have added the description now so it will display along with the title of the health permission.
  10. The Assessment Report now has the option to include teacher suffixes in their titles on the report.
  11. We added a new client setting that will obfuscate (i.e., hide) the Government ID after saving it in a student record. This will make it more secure so that the Government ID is not visible ever time you open up student record. To enable this option, go into your Client Settings, locate the Persons and Roles tab and enable the option from there:


  1. Fixed an issue that was causing the “School Directory” snippet in the portal to also appear in the “Student List” snippet in the portal. This has been fixed and the snippets will show correctly.
  2. The “Your Courses” tab in the the student portal tab was not accurately reflecting courses for students if that student’s courses did not run the full length of the school year. This has been remedied and will now show all of a student’s courses.
  3. Email confirmation alerts that get sent to volunteers after they sign up for a volunteer activity were including the incorrect time for the volunteer activity. The time was shown as UTC (Universal Time Zone) which was incorrect. This has been corrected and all times will be accurate based on the correct time zone for each school.
  4. Fixed an issue with the donation widget on the dashboard that may have caused the numbers to be displayed incorrectly.
  5. Corrected an issue that was not removing canceled recurring gifts from the “Log External Automatic Recurring Gifts” table.
  6. Fixed an issue where some types of gifts (e.g., completed pledges and recurring gifts)  were not getting tabulated in the dashboard donation pie chart widget and the Giving Summary report in the Donor Profile table. Both now accurately tabulate all gifts.
  7. Fixed an issue with course attendance that was not including all attendance (by course) on all course occurrence days taken by admins rather than teachers.
  8. Fixed an issue that was preventing custom fields in donation forms from being saved for recurring gift templates. All recurring gift templates now properly store all custom fields saved from donation forms.
  9. Sometimes, when using the Log External Automatic Pledge Payments tool, the final payment on the pledge was causing the pledge to display as over 100% completed. This issue has been resolved so that pledges completed with this tool will now correctly display 100% instead. This fix is retroactive so any old completed pledges with this issue have been resolved as well.
  10. Some alerts were not being sent to admins when a new recurring gift was created by a user if an appeal was missing from the donation template. This has been resolved and all alerts for any kind of gift (whether the gift has an appeal or not) are now sent correctly.
  11. Fixed an issue with the gradebook where snapshots based on grading periods were displaying assignments that were not in the selected grading period.Now snapshots based on grading periods will only display assignments from that period.