Release Notes

2017-09-09 Release Notes

  1. The New Extended/Aftercare Module (beta) is here and it’s free until Christmas! Read about the features and concepts in this brief PDF document and then call us at 844-424-4747 x12 or via email to set up a demo and training session. This new module will help schools track Aftercare by allowing you to set up your sessions, set prices, manage billing and allow parents to sign up online for sessions.
  2. The Full Health Info report now allows you to filter results by students that either have or do not have specific medical conditions, vaccinations, and medications.
  3. The employee table now allows you to generate mail merge letters, filter by employee role, and send emails to a specified employee email address rather than the employee’s personal email address.
  4. All completed MPFs (including online applications, online contracts, and back-to-school forms) may now be re-opened (i.e., set to incomplete) and sent back to a user to re-complete if necessary as long as:
    1. there is no payment required for that MPF or
    2. there is a payment required but no electronic payment (e.g., credit card or eCheck processed by BigSIS) has actually been submitted yet or
    3. there is a payment required and you remove all non-electronic payments that have been logged manually (e.g., such as when the user sends a physical check and an admin logs in BigSIS that they have received the payment but then goes into the invoice and manually removes those payment)
  1. eChecks processed by that were returned (i.e., they bounced or had some other issue) were not getting properly registered in BigSIS as declined payments because of’s API limitations. Unfortunately, according to, this was in part due to the way U.S. legislation forces eCheck authorization to work ( must permanently store all eCheck transactions whose account information is entered correctly into BigSIS as “successfully settled” transactions even if later on, at the actual moment they attempt to withdraw funds, it turns out the eCheck payment has an issue such as having insufficient funds). We have implemented a change to the system to detect these problematic eCheck payments and to give you the power to resolve them so that you can collect any payments that you did not receive due to an eCheck problem. There is a new “Unresolved Returned eCheck” table that will list each returned eCheck with the invoice number and other details. If you double click on any of these eCheck payments, you will be taken to a tool where you can select the problematic payment and remove it from the BigSIS system so that system no longer thinks you actually received the funds from the returned eCheck. After running this tool, you may then proceed to send out a follow-up request to the user whose eCheck was returned so you can collect the missing funds. Contact for further details about this new tool or if you have any questions about how to use it correctly.
  2. Some ICS calendar imports were failing because there were no “End Dates & Times” listed for an event in the ICS file (this sometimes happened when you exported from a third party system and tried to use that file in BigSIS). This issue has been resolved and those ICS calendar imports should now work correctly.
  3. Re-enrollment leads were not able to be re-enrolled because the “Enroll Lead” button was missing re-enrollment leads. This issue has been resolved.