Release Notes

2017-05-08 Release Notes

  1. A new filter, titled “By Paid Status” has been added to all MPF tables. This allows you to filter MPF forms by those that require a payment, those that are paid, and those that are unpaid. This change affects all tables with MPF forms including Lead Applications, Lead Contracts, Enrollment RFI Submissions, People RFI Submissions, and All RFI Submissions.
  2. We have made improvements to the Donor Profile Merge Utility. Now, it should properly remove both the Donor Profile record and the Person record when using the “Merge and Delete” option with this utility when doing Simple merges. Previously only the Donor Profile record was being deleted.
  3. We have added a new column to the Employee Directory export for phone number extensions. This column, titled “Phone Extension” will show the employee’s default phone number extension.
  4. The Employee Directory report will now show the work phone number extension when applicable.
  5. We have added a helpful message and instructions to the “Email Accounts” area of the “My Account” tab in the portal to help teachers and associates who may be experiencing problems using their email accounts from the portal.
  6. We have added a better error message for users if the type of credit card they are using to pay for an MPF (Application, Contract, Enrollment MPF, People MPF) is not accepted by your school’s merchant processor.
  7. We have changed the way setting a Graduation date to a future date outside of a Term’s end date is handled. We have altered the system to allow graduation dates to be set to any date past the end date of a Term. This allows the user to set graduation dates on whatever date is correct for a given student or group of students. For example, this may be necessary when a student completes their coursework but is unable to officially graduate until a year later due to a billing issue, or they need to make up a class, etc.
  1. Our development team has fixed an issue affecting IOS devices that made it difficult to download Assessment Reports on many IOS devices. When using one of these devices, a new window will now open when the report is selected and the user will have the option to view or save the report for future reference.
  2. A temporary issue that was showing all students, rather than students tied to a given Academic Year or Term, in attendance reports has been remedied.
  3. Fixed an issue that was preventing Donor Profile giving names from being overridden.
  4. After extensive feedback and user testing during the previous year, we determined that the “Defer Enrollment” option for students should be removed from the “Change Matriculation Status” form because it was not performing the function intended by administrators and was causing much confusion. Students may only defer their admission before they enroll in any terms. For example, when a student is accepted for one year but is unable to enroll until the subsequent year, they should be able to defer. We found that this is the standard and correct way to use deferment. In most cases, it did not make sense to defer the enrollment of a student who is already enrolled in the school. The best practice for a student who must leave the school but intends to come back is to mark that student as an attrition via the Change Matriculation Status form and then re-admit them once they return. Thus, we have removed the “Defer Enrollment” option for current enrollments, but kept “Defer Admission” for new admissions.
  5. Courses that were using Percentage assessments were not showing in Assessment Reports; this has been fixed.
  6. Corrected an issue that was showing inactive assessment types in transcript assessment keys.
  7. Fixed an issue where Recurring Gift’s that used Days of Month periodicity were not getting the correct Next Recurrence Date when calculating the next recurrence dates.
  8. The Copy Course Assessment tool was not reflecting correct totals in the “Has an Assessment in From Assessment Period” and the “Lacking an Assessment in To Assessment Period” columns. This has been resolved and these columns accurately reflect the correct totals.
  9. Fixed an issue that was causing Lead Tasks to look “unchecked” when a user was rapidly checking off tasks.
  10. There was an issue that was adding “inactive” Assessment Groups that were set as the default Assessment Group, to new courses being added. We have fixed this issue so that “inactive” Assessment Groups can no longer be the default Assessment Group and default Assessment Groups can no longer be made inactive.
  11. Fixed an issue that was not returning attrition students when using the Enrollment Query tool.
  12. We have corrected some code so that re-enrollments that are being added as a Re-Enrollment Lead can be made a Re-enrollment Lead for the same program they are enrolled in at the time of re-enrollment.