Release Notes

2017-02-24 Release Notes

  1. Important Update: Payment Declines
    1. As you know, payments that are set to be processed on a later date (e.g., pledge installment payment, recurring billing installments, etc.) by via credit cards or eChecks may be declined for a number of reasons  (e.g., insufficient funds, the account has expired, etc.). In this latest update to BigSIS, we have added a few new features to help you deal with these declined payments.
      1. First, there is now a widget on the your dashboard that will list all payments that have been declined. You may click on the button in the widget to be taken to the payment resolution table.
      2. Second, we have added the aforementioned payment resolution table (aka, the unresolved payment declines table). This table allows you to perform two actions: (A) view the donation that had a payment declined, and (B) mark the payment as resolved.
      3. Third, new help documentation is being added to the payment resolution table to provide useful tips on how to resolve payment declines. A payment may be declined for a number of different reasons, so each declined payment may require a different strategy to resolve (e.g., updating payment information, contacting the payee, canceling the payment altogether, etc.). The help documentation will help you find the appropriate strategy for the most common types of declined payments.
    2. Resolving the declined payment will require some detective work on your part. BigSIS will try to retrieve information about the declined payment and display it in the donation that the payment is tied to. But for a fuller explanation of what happened that caused the decline, you may be required to go directly into your account and locate the payment in question and read the details of the decline there. NOTE: Do not make any changes to this payment record in; you should only be using it for reference purposes to view details about the payment decline (not to make any changes).
  2. Important Update: New Contract, Application and MPF Features
    1. New payment options (and combinations) have been added when setting up MPF, application, and contract forms. The biggest change is the option to use eChecks now if you have setup
    2. The ability to display your organization’s logo on your forms has been added
    3. The ability to display your organization’s address on your forms has been added
    4. The ability to display your organization’s watermark on your forms has been added
      1. Note: this requires you to submit a watermark logo to us. If you are interested in this option, email to help set it up.
    5. New ‘Help Cover Our Costs’ option
      1. When you accept online payments, your nonprofit pays a small fee to to process that transaction. By enabling the ‘Help Us Cover Costs’ option you can offer the payee the option of covering the minor added fee of processing their online payment in the form of a small one-time donation to your organization that is added to their subtotal.
  3. ParentSquare third-party software integration has been added to BigSIS
    1. Organizations that subscribe to ParentSquare may not sync files between the two systems.
    2. ParentSquare is a platform for all school-to-home communication. The platform offers two-way group messaging, private conversations, school-wide alerts and notices to assist in keeping the school community connected.
    3. Note: ParentSquare is third-party software and not part of BigSIS. If you wish to use this integration you may be required to purchase a separate subscription to ParentSquare directly from ParentSquare. BigSIS does not offer support for the use of third-party software.
  4. New Help Instructions: We have added new step-by-step help instructions for How to Create Custom Forms. Go to Forms > Custom Forms > click on the orange “Help” button to review these instructions.
  5. We have added the option to use donation custom filters when adding donations to a Thank You batch. When adding a donation to a Thank You batch, you will be able to use your custom filters by clicking on Filters >  By Custom Filters.
  6. The minimum donation amount, when using, has been lowered to $1 to allow for low dollar donations.

  1. Auto Generate Student Identification for New Students option was adding student ID numbers automatically by default. We have fixed it so this setting is not turned on by default. To turn this setting on go to System > Settings > Client Settings > Persons and Roles.
  2. Fixed an issue that was not allowing people records to be merged when email addresses were the same but the capitalization was different.
  3. Daily arrival attendance sheets were not showing students when their person record had the option for “Hide on Public Directories” selected. This issue has been remedied.  
  4. When using mail merge in Thank Yous, then downloading the letters as a Word Document, donations of the same dollar amount were only appearing once. This issue was only affecting mail merge letters that were downloaded as a Word Document and has been fixed.
  5. Fixed a temporary issue that was causing the “Deep Copy” tool for academic years to return an error message when a transcript abbreviation was not entered.