Release Notes

2016-10-31 Release Notes


  1. The Donor Profile Merge Utility is now officially available! It was the last part of phase one of the development module changes that had not been completed. Merging donor profiles is now easier and smarter than ever before. Detailed instructions on how to use the tool are available from within the tool itself. You can find the tool under Donations > Other > Donor Profile Merge Utility. To receive alerts whenever BigSIS detects a potential duplicate (e.g., when a donor submits a donation through the public form and matches an existing donor record in the system) be sure to enable the alert from your system settings.
  2. A CAPTCHA option was added to client settings for the public donation form which will require donors to enter a CAPTCHA before submitting their donation. It is entirely optional and can be enabled by going to System > Settings > Client Settings and going into the Donations tab.
  3. Public donation forms can now each have their own giving levels in the UI. To create giving levels for a public donation form go to Donations > Other > Donation Templates and Look for the Donation Template Giving Levels.
  4. Several minor UI improvements made to the new public and internal donation forms to make entering different kinds of donation a little more user friendly and consolidating several options that were superfluous. For example, we removed the need to check the box “Externally processed…” for pledges that are made in installments but processed outside of BigSIS (e.g., payroll deductions). Now, all pledges of this kind are automatically considered “externally processed” so you can use our “Log external payments” tool to make logging these kinds of donations more user-friendly.
  5. The ability to log past donations has been added to the internal donation form.
  6. Middle names and student ID numbers may now be entered when creating new leads. Both of these items will transfer to the person record of the lead if/when the lead is admitted into the school.
  7. Event calendars changes
    1. A client setting was added that allows admins to display what resources are reserved for an event directly in the title of the event when viewing the event calendar from the BigSIS admin.
    2. The resource calendar can now be turned on in the teacher and associate portals so that teachers and associates can view all resources that are reserved in a calendar format. You must turn these new tabs on in the portal setup if you wish to enable them for teachers and associates.
  8. A new attendance report titled “Daily and Course Attendance Summary per Student” has been added to the report viewer for schools that use course attendance (instead of or in addition to daily course attendance). The new report generates a count of arrival and departure statuses for students whose attendance is taken by course.


  1. The ability to enter leads for past terms was not working correctly; this has been resolved so you can now enter leads for previous years when you need to for historical purposes.
  2. An issue that was not allowing admins to select a status from the final phase of a lead while completing the second to last phase has been resolved.
  3. When admitting leads, the academic year selected on the admission form was being set to the current or upcoming term but often the lead was originally entered for a different year when the inquiry came in. The logic of this field has been changed to use the academic year specified on the original inquiry form from now on no matter what year (past, present, or future) was used.
  4. A few minor gradebook issues were resolved.
    1. First, the display when a teacher used “points” grading types was inconsistent when entered and when you returned to view the gradebook later. This was corrected so that it is consistent at all times.
    2. Second, tabbing started to fail after the 32nd column (instead of going vertically down the column from student to student, it started tabbing horizontally from one assignment to another). This was an issue with integer restrictions built into HTML. This has been resolved by adjusting the integers between columns. All tabbing should working correctly now (vertically, from one student to the next).
    3. Teachers were getting an error when trying to copy assignments in the gradebook. The error has been resolved and copying should work correctly again.
  5. Students who were listed as withdrawn or graduated in the future were not showing up properly in the teacher portals. This has been fixed so that students will remain visible until the date of withdrawal/graduation and will then be hidden after that date only.
  6. The default order of notes has been changed so that the latest notes float to the top and the oldest notes are at the bottom of the list by default.
  7. The Donations By Campaign report was generating an error, this has been resolved so that it no longer generates said error.
  8. The volunteer misc. logs admin was generating an error when an admin tried to enter an “Approved By” person. The tool should now work correctly and allow admins to enter these logs correctly.
  9. The background of the embeddable public donation was changed from white to transparent to make it match school websites better.
  10. The export wizard from the donor profile table was generating an error when trying to export with a template. This issue has been resolved and exporting with template should work correctly.
  11. The Course Schedule Report had an edge case where students taking courses in multiple programs were showing up incorrectly in some cases. This has been resolved and now and the report should now display the courses taken by students correctly for the years selected in the report parameters.