Release Notes

2016-09-18 Release Notes


  1. Important update: New page items have been added to Multi-Page Forms (MPFs) that allow you to add custom fields, which can get automatically added to a record of your choice (see table below) when a user fills out the MPF you send them. Previously, the only items you were able to do this with were health questions, i.e., you could ask health questions on an MPF and when a parent filled out the MPF for a child, the health answers would automatically get added to the child’s person record. This is now possible to do with custom fields for many more records. For example, you may now ask questions about volunteering and have those answers automatically populate the user’s volunteer record. Here is a list of all the records that can now be automatically populated through:
Type of MPF Form Eligible Records That Can Automatically Be Updated Through a Request for Information (RFI)
People Person Record


Volunteer Record

Alumni Record

Enrollment Enrollment Record


Admission Record

Student Record

Student’s Person Record

Application Application



Contract Contract



  1. Alerts have been added for Multi-Page Forms. This allows an admin user to be alerted when a submission has been made for a specific Multi-Page Form. These alerts will be added differently than other BigSIS alerts. These alerts you will add right from the edit Multi-Page Form screen. See screenshot for further information:
  2. There is a new school directory format available in the Report Viewer titled “By Student Family Name” that groups students by family name and lists the households of their guardians under the entry. Parents who have a different last name than their children also have their own entries pointing the reader to the children they are related to.
  3. Added the ability to delete multiple Request For Information submissions at one time. In the past only one RFI submission could be deleted at one time.
  4. Important update: Improved user interface on all RFI submission tables.
    1. We have added many new tools to the RFI submission tables to make working with submitted forms easier and more powerful. The new features include more email capabilities, essential built-in filters that were needed, and the ability to compile and download multiple submitted forms at once.
  5. Added a new column for “Nickname” to the the People table export options.
  6. Added a new column for “Program Abbreviation” to the SchoolMessenger zip download.
  7. The volunteer tools were improved.
    1. There is now an ability to reset volunteer work hours as of a date of your choice (e.g., you may reset the hours on the first day of the academic year) from Client Settings. This setting will reset completed volunteer hours and outstanding volunteer hours to 0 as of the date selected.
    2. To go along with the new reset feature, we have added a running summary in the portal that provides volunteers better details about what they have completed and what they have outstanding.
    3. Additionally, the interface was improved for end-users to make the volunteer portal a little easier to use.
  8. Export option has been added to the Lead Contract table and includes ability to export columns about the lead itself as well as the contract associated with the lead.
  9. Added the Assignment Calendar and Assessment Snapshot tabs to the student portal.
  10. The student Quick Add tool was old and needed to be brought into line with the other Quick Add tools throughout the system. The fields for entering admissions, enrollments, and parents were tweaked to make them easier to use.
  11. The client settings for health information has been moved from the General tab of Client Settings to its own devoted tab called “Health Records Options”.
  12. You now have the option to control the number of emergency contacts required on a Multi-Page Form. You can access this setting by going to System > Settings > Client Settings > Health Record Options.
  13. Employee start date and employee left date are two new columns that have been added to the Employee table export.
  14. Added ability to attach custom forms to volunteer records. You may now add any custom fields you like such as volunteer skills, opportunity preferences, and any other custom field you like.
  15. Added better instructions for users in the Additional Contacts area that offers  better explanation of the difference between Permanent Contacts (i.e., Related People) and Additional Contacts. We also now display the permanent contacts in this area (though they cannot be edited in this area) for a better overall user experience.
  16. Calendar events that had occurrences were being forced to use the same title and description for all occurrences. This has been changed so that once you generate occurrences for an event, you can change the title and description of any individual occurrence (e.g., if you need to change the title for one occurrence because the event is cancelled that week, you can now change the title and add text such as ‘Cancelled’ to the title of just that occurrence).
  17. There is a new lead status “Inquiry On Hold” that may now be included in the inquiry phase of a lead. If you want it to be available in your inquiry phase, you must manually add it to the workflow config in question.


  1. The “Emergency Contacts School Directory” report was not showing non-guardian related people who are emergency contacts. This has been fixed to include all people who meet the following conditions:
    1. All Guardians
    2. All non-Guardian Related People who are listed as emergency contact
    3. All non-Guardian Related People who are listed as authorized to pick up
    4. All additional contacts who are listed as emergency contact
    5. All additional contacts who are listed as authorized to pick up
  2. Fixed an issue when running the “Full Health Info” report that was causing some contacts to be listed with incorrect names.
  3. The “By Role: Volunteer” filter on the people table was returning all records. This has been fixed so this filter only includes people with the volunteer role.
  4. Fixed an issue that was inhibiting the primary and secondary households from prefilling  when a user was filling out the Applications and Contracts Multi-Page Forms page item – “Manage Households” in the portal. This issue has been fixed, and now when a user fills out this page item in an Application or Contract the user’s default address that was used on the initial inquiry form will prefill into the primary or secondary household fields.
  5. Resolved an issue that was causing all emails from a batch to get saved as drafts when one of the email addresses was a “bad” email address (e.g., the email address was incomplete or had a space in it). We have remedied this issue and now in this case only the one email with the “bad” email address will be saved as a draft, whereas the other emails will be sent out normally. The admin user will also be notified with an error message that indicates that the one email for the “bad” email address could not be sent and was saved as a draft.
  6. Corrected a bug that was causing all programs to be returned when running a Full Health Info report, even when running the report for one program or By Program Group. This has been fixed and now this report will only return the proper program or program group selected.
  7. Resolved an issue that would not allow some users to delete Request for Information submissions from the People RFI Submissions and the Enrollment RFI submissions tables.
  8. An issue that was allowing users to skip adding a vaccination date when filling out an RFI in the portal has been fixed. Now, when users add a vaccination date, if vaccination dates are required the vaccination field is automatically chosen as the default. Users can still opt to choose exempt option, if allowed.
  9. Fixed an issue that was only allowing end-users to upload a single document type to a Multi-Page Form in the portal (e.g., MPFs were not allowing users to submit both and image and a transcript on the same form). You may now have users upload multiple types of documents. However, you may only have one document upload page item per page. If you want users to upload multiple documents, you will need to add the document upload page item to multiple pages.
  10. In the leads module an issue that was not allowing users to choose a status in the Enrollment Phase at the time the user was completing the Contract Phase has been fixed. Now when completing the Contract Phase users have the option to pick a new status from the next phase, the Enrollment Phase. Click here to see what was fixed:
  11. Fixed an issue that was preventing the Admitted Term from prefilling when accepting a Lead. Now when you admit a lead both the Admitted Term and the Admitted Program will prefill into the Admit Lead page.
  12. There was an issue where the portal setup was displaying many portal tabs as inactive even though they were not inactive. This has been corrected. However, we encourage all users to go to their portal setup to ensure that every tab they want active is, in fact, active just in case.
  13. Minor tweaks were made to several types of imports to improve the import process.