Release Notes

2016-07-18 Release Notes

New Features

This update is so huge, it has its own orientation video! To view the video, (1) log in to BigSIS, go to the people table and click the “Help” button. Then, (2) select the help titled “Orientation Video for July 2016”:

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Step (2)

    1. Major Update: Student Status and Attrition
      1. We have made fundamental changes to the matriculation and enrollment status process. In the past you had the ability to change both the matriculation status and the enrollment status. This was, at times, creating confusion on what each status meant and how it affected a student’s record. This led us to make some significant changes to how BigSIS will handle matriculation status, enrollment status, and admission records. We have streamlined these areas to make the user experience more intuitive and functionally more improved.
      2. Enrollment statuses will no longer need to be changed, and we have added the feature of an admission log. The enrollment status has been simplified to express whether a student is either enrolled or not enrolled, based off the student’s admission log. When a student has an open admission log they will have the enrollment status of “enrolled”, and conversely if a student has a closed admission log the will have the enrollment status of  “not enrolled.”
      3. The admission log will be a running record of all status changes for a student. A student will either have an open, or closed admission log based off of the current matriculation status. For example, when a student’s current matriculation status is “in progress” an open admission log will be started. If that student’s matriculation status is changed to something that would dictate them leaving the school like “graduated”, the admission log will then be closed. If the student returns to the school and is admitted again, a new admission log will be opened and added to the record of the student. The admission log will continue to update in this fashion for the life of the student.
      4. The matriculation statuses are now managed and are a set number of statuses that will be chosen based off of the current status of the student.   For example, when a student’s current matriculation status is “in progress,” when you change this status you will now be able to choose from statuses that coincide with the opposing statuses.   
    2. Major Update: Runtime Filters
      1. Run time filters are now in beta testing in all areas of BigSIS that allow filters to be used. Run time filters let you make changes to filter parameters, on the fly. In the past once you had created a filter if you wanted to alter any of the parameters, you would need to edit the filter conditions or rebuild a new filter. Now you can make changes to filters using run time changes, as you use the filter. Another great benefit to this is the ability to make a one time change to the filter as you are using it, or make a change and save it as a new filter template. For example, if you build a filter for donations that is: “Donations made to the Annual Fund between 9/1/2015 – 6/15/16,” run time filter capabilities will allow you to alter those date ranges, or other conditions, on the fly. You will also have the ability to save any changes you have made as a new template to be used in future queries.
    3. Leads Module
      1. New filters (for custom fields), plays better with Application & Contract MPFs
      2. Re-enrollment Leads now available
    4. Important Update: People, Students, and Enrollment Table Filters
      1. We have revised the built in filters for the students table. The filters “By Active Status” and “By Custom Filters” will still be included and have not changed. The old filter “By Course Load” has been updated to “By Student Type.” The name has been updated but the filter itself has not changed.
    5. System Filter Changes
      1. Now available directly from the table (no need to go to filters and queries to build custom filters with system filter conditions, while it’s still an option, if you just want to quickly run a system filter, you can do so directly from any table now).
      2. We have added new system filters under the label “By System Filters” and will include two options to choose from. Both of these options will use our new runtime filter option and will allow you to make changes to the filter on the fly and in real time. Runtime filters not only allow you to change filter parameters on the fly, but will also allow you to save new templates for quick and easy use in future queries.
    6. Major New Feature: “Enrollment Query”: This new filter is extremely powerful and is the combination of many system filters built into one convenient runtime filter. This has been built to incorporate all of the necessary fields that you will need to filter for information regarding a student’s enrollment history.
      1. You will have the choice to, first, gather students “By Academic Year”, “By Term”, or “By Date.” Each option will then allow you to filter further by different attrition status’ that correspond to the year, term, or date. Finally, you will be able to then segment the data further “By Program” or 
        By Program Group.”
      2. “Enrolled in School Year”: This filter will include the option to choose any Academic year (formerly Super Term) in real time.
    7. The filter “By Matriculation Status Today” will allow you to filter by the seven managed matriculation status’. These include currently enrolled, deferred, expelled, graduated, leave of absence, on exchange, and withdrawn/left. When used this filter will only include the students that have the matriculation status you have chosen as of today.
    8. Important Terminology Update: Super Term is now referred to as Academic Year.
      1. The terminology Super Term was too obscure and was not reflective of what school’s use in the real world. We have updated Super Term to Academic Year everywhere in BigSIS where Super Term was used.
      2. Important Terminology Update for Filter Conditions:
        1. “Quick Filter” filter condition type has now been updated to “Condition From Another Table”
          1. The term “Quick Filter” was not explicit for what this filter condition type was achieving. We have changed it to “Condition From Another Table” to be more explanatory of what this filter condition type is built to do.
          2. “System Filter” to “System Condition”
    9. The ability to hide person information completely from the portal with one click of a checkbox has been added to people records. The checkbox “Hide From Public Directories” has been added under the “additional fields” area of a person record. If this option is selected all person information will be omitted from all school directories in portal tabs for parents/guardians, teachers, employees, and associates. Prior to this, we have always had the ability to hide private information like address and contact information but now you can hide even the name of the person and its much easier to hide all of the information since it requires simply checking a single box (rather than one for each distinct piece of data you want to hide). 
    10. Moved the Generate Courses tool outside of Curricula and added a new sub tab for “Generate Courses.” You will now access this sub tab by going to Courses > Other > Generate Courses.
    11. A change has made in the parent portal to separate permanent contacts and other contacts when parents/guardians are viewing their children. Permanent contacts are people who have a person record in BigSIS and can be connected to a user account. Other contacts are people who do not have a person record in BigSIS, and thus cannot have a user account either. In the past BigSIS did not list out permanent contacts in the parent portal and therefore contacts were often times being entered into the portal by parents/guardians a second time and were causing duplicate people records to be created on the BigSIS admin side. We have altered this to now list out permanent contacts separately from other contacts, and they will not be editable in the portal.
    12. The ability to make a lead workflow configuration active or inactive has been added. 
    13. The capability to delete pictures from a person record has been added. 
    14. The number of characters that can be used in “address line 1” of a person record, has been increased to 100. 
    15. A change has been implemented to make adding a drop-down or radio button list to a custom form more intuitive. In the past a drop down menu labeled “Custom Drop-Down or Radio Button List”, would appear regardless of the type of custom form field you were adding. Now this list will only appear if the type of custom form field you are adding is a drop-down or a radio button list. 
    16. Added a new button for “New Layout,” to organize custom form fields when editing a custom form has been added. In the past all field types and layout types would appear in the same drop down menu in the new and edit custom form field pages. We have now added a new button, “New Layout,” for adding header, information, start row, and end row layout features to a new custom form. The drop-down menu, when editing a custom form field, will continue to include both field and layout types for seamless editing. 
    17. Added new filter options to the donations table. The ability to filter by campaign, fund, and appeal have been added. 
    18. New parameter has been added to health reports, “Show non-emergency related people and simple contacts.”  
    19. The relationship of “Friend” has been added to the roles that can be added to a contract. 
    20. A new icon has been added to the leads module to show when a contract has been released to parents.
    21. Added a gradebook option for past courses in the portal. Past courses will now have a “View Gradebook” option, but assessment periods that are closed will not allow new grades to be entered, to restrict from changing historical data.
    22. The option to export from the courses table and the course templates table have been added.
    23. Added the ability to email students and guardians from the student table.
    24. The filter “by super term” has been added to the lead and lead inquiry tables.  
    25. A new mailing label option for “Per person, All Addresses( with Family of”) has been added to the label options for the people table.
    26. Have added the option to include all emails and drafts when making a lead copy. 
    27. The option to change whether a narrative appears above or below a matrix on assessment reports has been added to the Report Viewer.
    28. Improved copying for lead enrollment configuration
    29. Improved re-enrollment tool, now works in conjunction with leads (create contracts/enrollments faster)
    30. New attendance hours report
    31. More help bubbles and documentation everywhere
    32. Checklist for new academic years now available by clicking on the “Help” button located in the People table


  1. Fixed an issue where volunteer signups were being allowed for activities in the portal before the activity start date and after the activity end date. The issue has been fixed and now the activity will only be showed, and allow signups, in the portal after an activity’s start date and before an activities end date. 
  2. An issue that was preventing a student’s admission from pre-filling in the admissions field when adding a new enrollment has been fixed.
  3. Assessment types that were set to “inactive” were still being seen when using the gradebook in the portal. This has been remedied. 
  4. An issue with extra, blank space appearing beneath the informational or header section of a custom form has been resolved.
  5. Corrected an issue where signup begin and end dates for volunteer activity time slots were not being respected. 
  6. The ability to add personalized feeds in the portal, when signed in, was not functioning properly; this has been fixed. 
  7. Various fixes to MPF’s module. 
  8. The current super term was not being displayed on health information reports. This has been fixed to properly show the current super term in the upper right of the report. 
  9. There was an issue with teachers not seeing email drafts in the portal; this has been fixed. 
  10. Various fixes and improvements to health reports. Including new parameters
  11. Some users were experiencing an issue with an extra, blank page being printed with reports; this has been remedied.
  12. Various fixed and improvements to the contracts module.
  13. Changes were made to the attendance table in a student record. The columns “RSVP” and “Optional” have been removed. The columns “Arrival Status” and ”Departure Status” have been shortened to “Arrival” and “Departure.”
  14. An issue that was not allowing new assignments to be added to courses when an assessment periods date range was changed, and a gradebook had already been created has been fixed.
  15. Fixed a problem where student’s birthdates were not showing up on the “Attendance Daily Arrival-Monthly” report. 
  16. When building a new filter, quick filters were being added to the filter table. This made it seem like the quick filters were a new filter on their own.  We have changed this so quick filters will only show within the filter you have added them to. 
  17. When adding a “time input box” type to a custom form, the drop down menu to choose a time was not functioning; this has been fixed.
  18. An issue where some “inactive” students were still printing in the school directory report has been resolved.
  19. When copying a custom form, the form was automatically defaulting to inactive. This has been fixed to make the copy default to active. 
  20. When adding a new donation and entering a new payment type to the “Other Payment Type” drop down menu, the new payment type was not being saved in the drop down menu. This issue has been corrected. 
  21. Attendance records were still showing for school days that had been changed from a “school day” to a “non-school day.” This has been fixed so if you change an existing “school day” to a “non-school day,” attendance records will automatically be shut off for that day and that day will no longer be counted in attendance reports.  
  22. An issue that was occurring when trying to merge two donor profiles has been fixed. 
  23. The “Claimed By” field, when editing a lead application, was including people that were not connected to the lead. This has been fixed to only populate people who are connected to the lead.
  24. When copying a lead, the sent email and drafts were not being copied over; this has been remedied. 
  25. Fixed an issue where when adding a file to be uploaded to an application in the portal, the file was not being saved.
  26. When adding a “Condition From Another Table,” the condition was not made public by default making the condition un-editable at times. We have fixed this to make all conditions of this type to default as public, allowing them to be editable at all times. (Note: “public” in this instance refers to making the condition viewable to all admin users, not the public at large.) 
  27. A bug that was preventing some grades from being saved when entering grades to the gradebook in the portal, has been fixed. 
  28. An issue that caused leads to automatically be moved to the “Application Submitted” phase instead of “Application Underway” phase, when creating applications in the portal has been resolved. 
  29. The “completed on” date when entering volunteer work log dates was saving the previous day from the date entered. This was a datetime issue, and has been fixed.
  30. Corrected an issue that was causing donations to be deleted from the donations table when a deleting either a campaign, fund, or appeal from their respective tables. 
  31. The payment schedule that was being displayed after a parent/guardian filled out line item options for a student’s contract in the portal, was including the line item options. This was incorrect and has been fixed to only show the payment schedule without line item options. 
  32. Remedied an issue that prevented matrixes from displaying when an assessment report was being run for past super terms/academic years.
  33. Phone number extensions fixed