Release Notes

2016-02-22 Release Notes

New Features
  1. A new gender choice of non-binary has been added to gender roles. When chosen this will also be reflected in the relationship between parent/relatives and child and vice versa.
  2. Improved the layout and the amount of data displayed on the health information report in the report viewer.
  3. Added the capability to CC multiple third party email addresses (only on the first email sent) when sending emails.
  4. Added the ability to see both employee and associate roles in the Quick View of the people table. Also the added ability to see the employee and associate statuses and current positions.
  5. Added a new button, “Save and Add Another,” to use while adding occurrences to new volunteer activity time slots. This will allow users to quickly add new occurrence times while adding or editing activity time slots.
  6. Added built-in filters for “Has User” and “Does Not Have User” for the filter tab in the people table.
  7. Improved user interface for Volunteers tab in the portal, making it easier to sign up for events, remove future signups, log miscellaneous work logs, and view completed and outstanding volunteer signups.
  8. A prompt to include a subject line in emails has been added as a reminder to fill in this field.
  9. You now have the ability to set the length of time, in months, before a signup invitation link expires.
  10. Increased the number of characters that you can use within a calendar event description.
  11. We have included a new button called “Add Employee Record/View Employee Information” in the “roles” tab of the people tab. This gives you the ability to quickly add an employee record and will save a few clicks.
  12. Added help documentation to the volunteer module to assist users in setting up new volunteer activities.
  13. Improved mail merge and mailing label sorting in Donation Thank Yous so that the order of both are in sync when printing mail merge letters and their corresponding mailing labels.
  1. There was an issue when attempting to enter grades into a course gradebook from the BigSIS admin. The issue was limited to the BigSIS admin (i.e., teachers did not experience this issue when entering grades from the portal). This issue has been resolved and administrators may now edit and enter grades from the BigSIS admin.
  2. “Next Run Date and Time” for system work tasks was not editable; this has been resolved so you can now edit the schedule.
  3. Fixed several items in the volunteers tab in the portal. Some times were slightly off in miscellaneous work logs, when signing up for activities the number of blocks available was getting cached, filtering in the signup calendar was not working, and there were a few other issues that have now been resolved.
  4. Email addresses are now being displayed properly for relatives in the person Quick View.
  5. Health information was not being displaying consistently across all interfaces in BigSIS. All places where this information is being displayed have been improved.
  6. The record of signup invitations under the misc. sub tab in a person record was not displaying properly. It should now display correctly for users that have “advanced” permissions.
  7. Some users were reporting that they were unable to enter a new lead in the leads module. This was happening because no lead enrollment configuration had been set up for the school year they were attempting to select for the new lead. We had added an explicit error message to notify users of why they are unable to enter the new lead. This should limit the confusion and prompt users to complete the lead enrollment configuration so they can enter in the new lead.
  8. There was an issue with the “default block size” of an activity not pre-filling properly into the “block size” while adding or editing an Activity Time Slot ; this has been resolved.
  9. The search box in related people has been fixed so it now allows searching correctly.
  10. The ability to edit enrollments or create re-enrollment prospects in a lead was not functioning properly and has been fixed.
  11. When in portal setup the Parent and Student sub-tabs were not properly showing if they were active or inactive in the portal. This has been fixed to accurately show what sub-tabs are actively showing in the portal.