Release Notes

2016-01-30 Release Notes

New Features
  1. Major Update: Contracts module now available
    1. The contract module is now in beta testing as an add-on to Leads. You may now create custom tuition contracts for your school and allow parents pay the down payment on tuition, sign contracts electronically (or by hand and mail them in), and much more. Please let us know if you would like to learn more.
  2. A new tab titled “Related Leads” has been added to leads. The tab links to other leads that have a related person shared in common with the lead you are viewing. See here:
  3. Added new daily arrival attendance reports to allow recording of student attendance on a monthly basis.
  4. Added ability to edit the layout of custom form fields so you may now group and put multiple fields on the same line, add headers as well as short blurbs introducing your custom form fields to end-users.
  5. Added the ability to pre-generate attendance records for future school days for a selected term. This feature allows you to make all students present for future school days. By default, BigSIS will not register attendance for a day (i.e., student will be neither present nor absent) unless a staff member manually enters attendance for that day. If a staff member fails to manually record attendance for a day, students will not receive an attendance record for that day. By generating attendance for all future school days, all students will be considered present unless a staff member notes otherwise. This new ability may save staff member some time, especially on days when all students are present since the staff member will not have to log attendance on those days.
  6. Added the ability to print matrix keys on their own separate page when printing Assessment Reports from the report viewer.
  7. Added an optional client setting to make notes viewable to all admins by default when entered into BigSIS. When this option is turned off, then by default, notes will only be viewable by the admin who created the note.
  8. Added the ability to set the date of the first lead status in a lead.
  9. The ability to make notes in a person record private or public has been added.
  10. Added the option to attach, record, and edit externally processed payments for any invoice for donations. These are payments that are processed outside of BigSIS. For example payments processed from payroll deductions are considered external payments as are monthly recurring bills that your donors pay automatically (i.e., deducted from their bank accounts) via some third party tool like Paypal. These payments are not processed by BigSIS but you may log these payments in BigSIS after they have been processed externally via the means you select below.
  11. Improved the ability to track resource usage and reserve resources for events in the calendar module.
  12. New email markers have been added to donor emails, including “Address Greeting”, “Address Salutation Firstname”, “Address Salutation Lastname,” and “Donor Profile Greeting.”
  13. Custom forms can now be added to several places in leads. Each place has a specific intention. For example, you may now add: A) a general custom form to a lead that stores general data about the lead; B) an inquiry custom form that stores data specific to the lead inquiry; C) an application custom form that stores data specific to the lead application.
  14. A new download icon has been added to all report tabs in the portal.
  15. The evaluation matrix scale title size has been increased to 500 characters.
  16. Date of birth field has been added to the list of choices when exporting student records from the export wizard.
  17. When writing and previewing reports in the portal, teachers and associates are now able to sort their class lists by the students’ first names and last names separately.
  18. Introduced new style of matrix for assessment reports titled “Comparison Matrixes.” Comparison matrixes allow schools to display multiple assessment periods on an assessment report for a given term. This may be used to show how a student progressed during the term from one period to the next (e.g., from the midterm progress report to the final report).
  19. Filtering by custom form fields in the person table is much easier now. When building a custom form filter, you may now add a system filter condition to check for custom form fields.
  1. There was an issue with pictures not appearing in the lead or person quick view; this has been remedied.
  2. Inactive teachers were showing in some teacher drop-down lists that should only show active teachers; this has been fixed.
  3. An issue exporting data with the export wizard in the alumni table has been resolved.
  4. Corrected an issue where leads phases were not properly updating when a phase was skipped.
  5. There was an issue when attempting to add a new donation from donor profiles. We attempted to resolve the issue but found that there was a fundamental inconsistency with the way users entered data for the new donations causing the data to not sync correctly with the donor profile from here. Data was being entered incorrectly regardless of how we managed this ability so we were forced to remove it. We may revisit this option in the future but for now, new donations may not be entered from donor profiles.
  6. The issue that affected the number of months a pledge payment would be deducted when setting up donations for a period of time has been resolved.
  7. Email markers for dollar amounts have been fixed to include the $ symbol and only two decimal points after the whole dollar amount, when emailing donors.
  8. Transcripts created with the custom report designer were not publishing to portals; this has been resolved.
  9. When creating a new lead and the option “use primary guardian address” is checked, a duplicate address was being created. This has been fixed to include the primary address only.
  10. The ability to pull a single student health report was having an issue, this has been fixed.
  11. The system filter, “filter by whole number input box values,” was not functioning properly. The filter has been fixed to ensure the proper value is being filtered.
  12. Corrected an issue some users were experiencing with screen resolutions under 1200px where columns were hiding and being moved to another page.
  13. Various small fixes and UI improvements to Leads module.
  14. Set all custom form fields to be private by default (i.e., not visible to the public even when added to public forms). Thus, by default all new custom form fields are viewable solely by administrators unless specifically set to be public by an administrator.
  15. If student records are merged and at least one of the records is active then the merged record will now also remain active.