Release Notes

2015-11-07 Release Notes

New Features
  1. Ability to set pickup permissions from a person’s record under the relatives tab
  2. Ability to search by maiden name or nickname from the person table (note: this will return all records that match the search but you may still need to click into the record to view these names)
  3. A Quick Add Lead shortcut to make entering leads faster
  4. New volunteer summary in the portal so volunteers can see all work they have completed
  5. Improvements to task importer for Leads
  6. Adding a student record to a person record from the “roles” tab will now allow you to enter additional student and admission information.
  7. The Gradebook can now be shown or hidden for individual courses (prior to this it had to be shown or hidden for all courses)
  8. The Gradebook now has a “New Snapshot” button so you can create a new snapshot from the Gradebook and then apply the grade to reports (this may save some teachers a few clicks)
  9. A description is no longer required to create an assignment in the Gradebook.
  10. All calendars are now shown in the “all events calendars” within the BigSIS admin regardless of the role requirements/permissions for those calendars (note: the admin must still have calendar permissions to view these). These changes only affect the BigSIS Admin, public calendars and calendars in the BigSIS portal still require proper roles and permissions to view individual calendars
  11. Notes added to most records can now be exported view the export wizard
  12. A new volunteer summary report is available from the report viewer
  13. Various improvements to the leads module including the ability to view all sent emails
  14. Lead name is now visible in the task calendar when mousing over a task, it is also visible when you click on the task to view the task form
  1. Various fixes for the Gradebook including resolving issues with client settings that were not working correctly and improvements to how ungraded assignments are handled
  2. Various fixes and improvements to volunteer module
  3. A fix to the student export that now correctly exports the “student identification” numbers
  4. When sending emails, the ability to preview just the first email has been restored
  5. The client setting for showing/hiding student birthdays in the guardian and teacher portals has been fixed. Some guardian birthdays were also showing but this has now been fixed as well
  6. The “can pickup” field in emergency contact reports has been fixed so it now properly shows if the contact has permission to pick up the student when the report is printed from the report viewer
  7. The health info report in the report viewer was incorrectly printing reports for students who did not meet the health condition parameter. This has been fixed so that now only students with the health condition selected will have a report printed
  8. There was an issue in the assessment report where student names were not being printed correctly in the footer of student reports if a cover sheet was used; this has been resolved
  9. The ability to set phone numbers and addresses in “my account” was not working properly, this has been resolved
  10. The “emails sent” tab in the teacher portal was not displaying all emails sent by the teacher, this has been resolved