Why “Integrated” is Better!

You may ask: “why should I care that BigSIS is designed from the ground-up as a fully integrated student information?“
Well, because “integrated is better for many reasons and systems that are designed to be integrated from their conception are going to tie together far better than ones that are integrated as an afterthought. Many of today’s modern student information systems are built as individual pieces or the central part is built by one company, then other pieces are bought from other developers and the entire system is cobbled together after the fact. The companies then design “bridges” between the two totally different systems so they can “play together” but that often means that data is stored in two different places and then pushed or pulled between the 2 systems. This leads to data being out of date or conflicted and is confusing and time-consuming for users.

When we sat down to write BigSIS we started with the mission of writing a single, web-based system that we would host and maintain for clients where every piece would be built off of a single database and each piece would fit together with the other pieces to make a perfect tool. This means that if a parent is also a donor that his or her address is stored once shared between the different systems. If an address change comes in with a donation it will automatically be reflected in the parent tools, in the parent portal, on school directories, on reports that go home, on all mailing labels, etc. Simple!