BigSIS QuickBooks Sync Tool Demo Video

The BigSIS QuickBooks Sync tool release is right around the corner, but in the meantime, we wanted to show you the basics of how it works. We will be releasing a version for QuickBooks Windows first, followed by QuickBooks Online. Watch the quick (~13 minute) video below!

  1. Customers will exist in BigSIS as Families. Some of these will also exist in your QuickBooks file, but some will not
    1. You will be able to line up the existing and new families will be created on sync
  2. Invoices in BigSIS are created exactly (or extremely closely) to how you want them in your QuickBooks file
    1. This includes syncing your Items and Classes to BigSIS and having your BigSIS invoices use those codes
  3. Credit Memos for adjustments and for children who leave the school can be easily generated in BigSIS and will come through on the accounts
  4. Payments in BigSIS will be applied and synced to QuickBooks
    1. These include all automatic payments (ACH and Credit Card), as well as offline payments, such as physical Checks (or bags of gold) sent or dropped off to the school
  5. Journal Entries will cover things such as bounced checks or eChecks, as well as all refunds (however they are issued)
  6. Nightly settlements in will combine the payments for the day into "Batches" and these will synchronize to QuickBooks as Deposits
    1. You will be able to examine each deposit in QuickBooks for the details, or go into the Batches area of BigSIS to see the details of these settlements
  7. The final step is Transfers, and this handles getting the money from into your actual bank account. This step can be automated, or you may choose to manually reconcile these deposits (which you will have from your bank reconciliation) against the deposit report

Review the video below for more information and feel free to reach out to with any follow-up questions you might have. We'd love to hear from you and discuss any of this.

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Watch our quick video demonstrating how the synchronization works between BigSIS and QuickBooks