Introductory Offer: Special Pricing!

Introductory Offer: Special Pricing!
BigSIS is happy to announce that as part of our release we are offering a very special discount to the first 10 new customers! Many of our competitors, such as RenWeb and Blackbaud cost between $10,000 and $15,000 per year* and others, such as Senior Systems, Whipple Hill and VeraCross cost over $30,000 per year!

We know how tight budgets at small private schools can be and we are here to help these school not to take advantage of them! We are therefore offering our 100% web-based integrated Student Information System for a fraction of the cost of other companies. Our goal is to keep our pricing to well under half of what RenWeb and others charge, As an added incentive, we are offering an introductory price to a limited number of new schools!

Get ALL modules for less than a quarter of what Blackbaud and others charge!

That’s right, we are offering a small number of new schools a special price that is about 40% of our full price and it includes every module we offer as well as free support and free updates. Have as many users on the system as you like and pay only a small yearly fee!**

Please contact us below to learn more or call 844-4-BIGSIS (424-4747) or email us at

* This includes yearly fees as well as the initial setup fees averaged out of the first 3 years

** Setup and data import fees will apply but we try to keep them very reasonable