BigSIS - Integrated Student Information System
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BigSIS is proud to announce the release of the newest and most modern Student Information System available today

Boulder, CO: Today officially marks the release of BigSIS ( which is the brainchild of Ben Alexandra, Shawn Kent, and Martín Chamorro who have, along with their team, been developing this hig hly modern Student Information System for the past few years in collaboration with various schools.

So what are customers saying? “BigSIS  is awesome! On rolling the new Web-based version out to our Admin staff you could hear the sighs of relief at now having at their fingertips the pertinent information that is needed daily. Everyone started using it immediately. An employee who is not computer-savvy commented, ‘Finally, a program I can understand!’” says Lori Williamson, the Registrar at the Waldorf School of San Diego.  Williamson has been using the system as a beta tester during the soft-launch period of BigSIS’ release and has nothing but great things to say about it. “Edits and updates are easy and fun. In addition to being user-friendly, BigSIS also has the flexibility power-users need to extract data, lists and information needed for reports and analysis.” she says.  “BigSIS staff have been very attentive to our needs” says Betsy Leighton, the Administrator at City of Lakes.  “We have especially appreciated the ability to quickly enter new families all in one step.  BigSIS is easy to use, intuitive, and is making it easier for us to do our work effectively.  Teachers have also been impressed with the online report writer” says Leighton.

So what makes BigSIS special?  First of all it is highly customizable and very flexibly. Alexandra and Kent are both technophiles who love using the latest technologies. BigSIS, unlike most of its competitors, is 100% Web-based, and beyond that it 100% AJAX!  This means no clumsy postbacks and waiting for the browser to refresh the page every time you hit save. Hosted on state-of-the-art dedicated cloud servers gives BigSIS the ability to scale easily and all the latest tools allow for incredible speed and ease of use.  “BigSIS is designed to work the way the Web is supposed to work,” says Alexandra. “There have been amazing innovations in Web technology over the past few years and we take advantage of them all!”

So what all does it do? BigSIS is a fully integrated Student Information System that helps schools manage all their data in one place. All the school contacts (students, parents, grandparents, teachers, donors, faculty, and community) are all stored in the system and easily filtered based on their roles. BigSIS handles everything from the inquiry and application process through admission and registration.  All classes are tracked in the system as well as grades and written reports for the students. Attendance, truancy and discipline are managed as well. Gifts and Pledges can be entered or users can donate directly into the system via the portals.  The system can be used to email specific segments of community based on very specific queries. And much more. “BigSIS was designed to be a single place to have all your data,” says Alexandra. “It should be easy to put in and even easier to get back out.”

So what about pricing? With such modern technologies and such a great product, BigSIS must be very expensive, you might think.  Actually BigSIS cost between 60% and 90% less than most of it’s competitors!  That’s right.  Many Student Information Systems cost between $10,000 and $35,000 per year (average cost is roughly $14,000 per year for the few years).  BigSIS prices itself based on the size of the school as well as the modules used aims to provide an amazing solution at an introductory price of under $3,000 per year (and even less for smaller schools).  “Our aim is to help small schools organize and access their data from anywhere, not make huge profits off the backs of educational institutions.  The job of the school is to educate its students and our job is support that goal and make their lives easier” says Alexandra.