BigSIS Releases Tuition Management & Student Billing

The much anticipated release of Tuition Management ("TM") from BigSIS is finally here, and it come with Student Billing, too! And the best part is that it is totally seamless in the system you already know and love. And best of all, it's free for schools!

Watch the one hour webinar we recently held to learn more or the QuickBooks Sync video to learn more about how your two systems can integrate with ease, saving you lots of time and hassle!

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Tuition Management flows right from our existing Leads (Admissions) module, allowing you to not only collect tuition deposits, but also allowing parents to set up payment plans while completing their contracts. Tuition payments are then automatically run on a regular schedule of your choosing. This can be lump sum, bi-annually, quarterly, 10 monthly payment, 12 monthly payments, or really any other schedule you like. You pick the timing, we make sure the tuition is collected. There are many more details coming soon and we will be hosting a webinar to show you how it works and to answer any questions you have. And yes, this will replace your need for such systems as TADS or FACTS or SmartTuition. Special Pricing is available to anyone who signs up with the link above. We can offer you one of two packages that are better than what you get by going to Authnet directly. The first level is our "BigSIS Special Pricing" and it is available to anyone who signs up through us. You will get a better rate on both credit card and ACH/eCheck transaction as well as a better monthly fee. Then, for those customers who use BigSIS for Tuition Management, will get our amazing "Tuition Management Customers" pricing. This saves you 60% on your monthly fees, plus reduces your credit card fees from 2.9% down to 2.7%, and best of all, you will move from a 0.5% transaction fee on ACH to a flat $0.25 fee! This makes all the difference when you are running millions of dollars of tuition and will also apply to every ACH transaction you run through us, including all donations, deposits, extended care billing and more! Sign up today!

Credit Card Rates

Monthly minimums explained: There is a monthly minimum of $25 in credit card fees, which equates to about $1,000 in transactions. This will be easily covered by a single deposit being paid, or a few decent donations. If you don't run $1,000 in credit cards in any month, you will simply pay the difference in fees. So if  you run only $500 in credit cards one month, you will pay a service fee of $12.50 to make up the difference. Sign up today!

Extended Care Billing is another great feature being released this month. We have always been able to calculate what parents owe, but now we can actually generate invoices and allow parents to pay online or set up automatic billing.

Click Watch Now (above) to enjoy the one hour webinar and to learn more