BigSIS Introduces SSO (single sign-on)

We are proud to announce that we’ve introduced Single Sign-on (SSO)!

BigSIS now integrates seamlessly with Google and Facebook. Adding this to our built-in user invitation system makes it a snap for new users to join your growing community.
From within BigSIS you can generate user invitations for any person or group. For example, want your current parents to join your online community? Just select that group and generate totally customized invitations for the whole group with a couple of clicks. Each person will receive an invitation made just for them with their name and link which they follow to create an account. They can select Google or Facebook and be automatically linked up, or the can create a username and password. And that simply they are in the system as themselves and can see and update their information, view information about their children, view school directories, make donations, and much more!

Below you see the login screen for a school. The user just selects which SSO service they have registered or enters their username and password and they’re in!