Big Changes are Coming to BigSIS


BigSIS has released some great new stuff and we also have a lot of exciting things in store in the coming months and we are excited to share some of them with you. These include, but are not limited to:

  1. New community forum, ticketing system & searchable help docs (now live)
  2. BigSIS app / mobile-friendly Site
  3. Rich text for teacher reports
  4. Regular open community discussions
  5. BigSIS API for better Integrations
  6. SSO for various platforms
  7. QuickBooks integration
  8. Integrations with:
    1. Finalsite
    2. Canvas
    3. Schoology / Google Classroom
    4. Graduway
    5. SchoolAdmin
  9. Student billing
  10. And more!

Read more details on each item below

1. New community discussion, searchable help docs and better ticketing

BigSIS is very happy to announce our new help desk software that includes great help articles and a single place to submit and view the status of your tickets. We are also very excited about the new online community that is part of it. You can now join in the discussion, make feature suggestions, and view what other people are asking for. Everyone can upvote the best ideas and make comments for everyone to see. This should really help drive BigSIS forward and make clear the key things that people would like us to concentrate on. 

As part of this new platform, we have introduced SSO with your BigSIS user! When you click login, you will be redirected to your school's BigSIS site to log in. This means you don't have to remember yet another username and password!

2. BigSIS app / mobile-friendly Site

We have begun development on the next version of the portal. We have received quite a bit of feedback lately about the need for BigSIS to work on a phone and we are working on the features for the first version. We will keep you posted, though, as the project progresses

3. Bold, underline & italics now available for teachers

We recently released new functionality for teachers to be able to add bold, italic, underline and more to their reports. This is something that has been requested for a while, but there were some good reasons why it was not a simple thing to add. We are hoping that this will make a lot of teachers very happy!

There are still things that are not included, but we are fairly certain that they also never will be. These include picking a font, color, size and more, as this will make the reports have no consistency and it will lead to a sloppier-looking report. Therefore we have no plans to allow them.

4. Regular open community discussions

We are excited to start involving the BigSIS community in monthly forums. We did 2 already and we learned a lot from speaking about BigSIS and the users' needs. It was also a great time to show some of the new functionality we had been working on. We are hoping to do at least one per month, each concentrating on a different topic, such as advancement/development, admissions, registrar, etc. We will then circle back a few months later for a follow-up.

5. BigSIS API for better Integrations

We have begun development on an API for BigSIS that will allow other companies to integrate with us. End-users will also be able to develop applications against it.

6. SSO for various platforms

We have allowed users to sign into BigSIS for years with their Facebook or Google accounts. We are now allowing users to sign into other systems that we integrate with by using their BigSIS login. This means you will be able to go to our help site, or any of the other sites listed under 8 (below) and when you click login, you will be able to sign in with BigSIS.

If you sign into BigSIS with your Facebook account, for example, you can go to our new community forum, click Login, be taken to your BigSIS login. From there you can click Login with Facebook. That will check if you're logged in with Facebook, take you back to BigSIS, which will then take you back to the forum where you will be logged in with your BigSIS info.

7. QuickBooks integration

We know this is another area that users want and need. We therefore are planning to create a BigSIS - QuickBooks data connector. This will allow you sync your BigSIS data to QuickBooks on a regular schedule, or as needed.

8. Integrations with:

We have begun integration with some of the following platforms and are planning work for the others. They will hopefully all include the synchronization of data as well as single sign-on for users. More details to come as each is released.

a. Finalsite
b. Canvas
c. Schoology / Google Classroom
d. Graduway
e. SchoolAdmin
f. Ravenna
g. More

9. Student billing

We have plans for introducing student billing into BigSIS. We know this is a big pain point for some users and we are excited to get this done.

And more!

Stay tuned for information on the progress of the items above, as well as our future plans.