All the Latest Technology

All the Latest Technology
BigSIS is excited to take advantage of all the latest technologies available today. This makes:
  1. 100% web-based (unlike most of our competitors)
  2. Next Generation Dedicated Cloud Server*
    1. 8 Processors
    2. SSD Hard Drives
    3. 80+ MB Data Transfer Speeds
  3. State of the art server-side technology
    1. C# / .NET Framework v4.5*
    2. SQL Server 2012*
  4. Cutting Edge Front-end Layer
    1. Sleek & Light Proprietary Framework
    2. 100% AJAX
    3. jQuery 2.0.3*
    4. Bootstrap v3.0*
  5. 100% Responsive Templates*
  6. Mobile-ready*
*Indicates this is the latest version or technology available

BigSIS is also now available at very special introductory pricing!
Please contact us using the form below to set up a demo or learn more or call 844-4-BIGSIS (424-4747) or email us at