15 Awesome Features You Should Be Using! [Part I]

15 Awesome Features You Should Be Using! [Part I]
BigSIS is jam-packed with tons of great features. So many that there is a good chance you are not using all of them. But you should be! We’ve been working hard at BigSIS and introduced lots of new features and improved the features we already had! We want to make sure our customers get the most out of our student information system so we are listing out some of the less-known features. Below are just a few and we’ll be telling you about more over the coming weeks!



  • BigSIS’ calendars are very similar to Google Calendars with a few exceptions
    • BigSIS master calendars can have as many sub-calendars (just called “calendars” below) as you like
      • Each event can be on one or more calendars
      • Calendar are color-coded
      • Users can choose calendars to create a customized master calendar
    • Calendars can be public or private
      • All public calendars can show on your school website
        • Embed your BigSIS master calendar into your website with ease
      • Show your master calendar, including private calendars, in your portal
      • Private calendars can can be shown to one or more roles
        • This means you can have a calendar that is shown only to current parents and a different one for board members or alumni
    • Create custom feeds that show in Google or iCal almost any other calendar program you use
      • Users can configure exactly which calendars they want to see and get a personalized link for their custom calendar
  • ImpersonateOne of the most exciting new features in BigSIS is impersonation
    • Go to any person in your database who has a user account
    • Select the user account (under Misc > Users) and click the “Impersonate” button
    • Instantly launch the BigSIS portal as that person!
    • If they are a parent, you will see all the information the parent would see
      • Children
      • School Directories
      • Progress Reports
      • Etc.
    • If they are a teacher, you will see all the information the teacher would see
      • Current and past courses
      • Documents
      • School Directories
      • Etc.
    • Etc.
  • Another features
    • Assign any person in the database to be an associate for a program or a course
    • Examples of this would include
      • John is the 3rd Grade Class Teacher
      • Jill is a 5th Grade Room Parent
      • Tony is the 7th Grade English Course parent volunteer and is entering written reports and matrixes for the actual teacher
    • Any associate can be given the following permissions:
      • Read-only (can view the reports but not edit them)
      • Read and Write (can view and make changes)
      • Email Students (can send emails to any or all students in a course)
      • Email Parents (can send emails to the parents and guardians of any or all students in a course)

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Below are a few examples and we will be adding more over the next few weeks so please check back.