The Payments module is a tool that allows credit card payments entered in the system to automatically be run through

This can be used for online donations, pledge payments, tuition deposits, application fees, and more. Coming Spring 2016, this module will allow recurring payments on pledges, which will be run automatically each month by on a schedule set by you or your donors (e.g., bill each month until a specified date or as a subscription indefinitely billed until manually ended by you or your donors). Sign up here for best rates.

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is available to anyone who signs up with the link above. We can offer you one of two packages that are better than what you get by going to Authnet directly. The first level is our "BigSIS Special Pricing" and it is available to anyone who signs up through us. You will get a better rate on both credit card and ACH/eCheck transaction as well as a better monthly fee. Then, for those customers who use BigSIS for Tuition Management, will get our amazing "Tuition Management Customers" pricing. This saves you 60% on your monthly fees, plus reduces your credit card fees from 2.9% down to 2.7%, and best of all, you will move from a 0.5% transaction fee on ACH to a flat $0.25 fee! This makes all the difference when you are running millions of dollars of tuition and will also apply to every ACH transaction you run through us, including all donations, deposits, extended care billing and more! Sign up today!

Credit Card Rates

Monthly minimums explained: There is a monthly minimum of $25 in credit card fees, which equates to about $1,000 in transactions. This will be easily covered by a single deposit being paid, or a few decent donations. If you don't run $1,000 in credit cards in any month, you will simply pay the difference in fees. So if  you run only $500 in credit cards one month, you will pay a service fee of $12.50 to make up the difference. Sign up today!

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